Our Team


Our Team

If you are here, we assume you are Chunsas. Welcome!!

We too are fellow Chunsas based in Singapore.  Our admin team comprises of members from Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Philippines, Russia, and the United States.  It does not matter who we are and what we do. What matters is we gather here because of one multi-talented personality we love – Park Yu Chun – singer,rapper, composer, lyricist, actor. A man capable of uniting us all from around the world.

In July 2012, PYCSGFC started as a Facebook site for fans and added a blog in October. We bring the latest news on Yu Chun as fast as we can, especially live feeds of live events. With our user friendly blog, we hope you can have fun and make friends as you share your love for 6002. Our Yu Chunnie.

Our rules:

1)     Yu Chun is our first love but we support JYJ too.

2)     We spread love for Yu Chun and his team members, Jae Joong and Junsu. No bashing of the other 2 members or DBSK is allowed.

3)     We do not permit pictures of Yu Chun taken by saesang/stalker fans.

4)     Please support and respect our admin team.

5)     Please be courteous and respectful in your comments.

6)     Please credit ParkYoochunSGFC when you use anything from our fan club.

Our Email: yoochunsgfc6002@gmail.com
Our Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ParkYoochunSgfc
Our Twitter: https://twitter.com/ParkYoochunSGFC
Our Weibo: http://www.weibo.com/u/3221936677
Our YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/ParkYoochunSGFC

Always Keep the Faith,
Your PYCSGFC Admin Team


  1. I am one of park yoochun fans….thank you to all of you because of your team I know what is happening to yoochun and his co-JYJ member. More power and god bless…

  2. @Ilhot alcantra, welcome to the blog. You look new here. I wish you could contribute an article on how you fell for Yu Chun so we can all enjoy your story.You can email the admin.

  3. annyeong.. I’m the one of the fans of yoochun too.. I’m happy when I find this blog, because it’s special for yoochun..
    I always miss him, about his sound, his song, his acting, , really really miss him..
    so I just can say thank you very much to admin.. I believe that you’ll give us for the best..
    once again,, thank you so much.. 🙂

    • @ani_chunnie, Welcome to our blog!! Thanks for your kind words and support. We hope you like your stay here^^

    • @ani_chunnie – Welcome home.. (“,) please share your story on YuChun, I’ll be waiting.. (“,) keep visiting and share your thoughts.. (“,) see you around.. (“,)

      With much love.. (“,)

      • @qttbean, @abbie.gaile
        thank you very much for your welcoming.. but, before I’m sorry, if my English is not so good.. 🙂
        I know yoochun when I watch drama “Rooftop Prince” and fall in love with him, because he is very handsome, cool and I think he is smart in real live and I’m true.. since that, I’m looking for about him, and I know that he is JYJ member ex DBSK member.. and now I really really really like and love him… I’m JYJ fans and yoochun bias… so my name is “ani_chunnie”
        hehe.. sorry, if I can’t write well, because I just Learning.. 🙂
        forward I count on you.. gomawoyo unnie 🙂

  4. @ani_chunnie – as long as we have the same heart, loving YuChun, language barrier will never exist in our YuChun world.. (“,) Thank you for your YuChun story.. (“,) we’ll make lots of YuChun stories together with other chunsas.. (“,) keep posting and see you around.. (“,)

    With much love.. (“,)

  5. @ani_ chunnie, welcome and please come often to share about Yu Chun. As @abbie.gaile says , language is not a issue. We can understand you perfectly.So don’t worry. What is important is your heart of love for Yu Chun.

    Where are you from?

    • thank’s a lot @6002mydream and @abbie.gaile too for your understanding
      of course, I will come often to share about YuChun.. I’m so happy when I find this blog.. ^__^
      ah, yeah.. I’m from Indonesia.. greetings from me 🙂

  6. Hi hi, come to know about Yoochun when watching *rooftop prince*. He so cool n pretty. My heart aches for some scenes in rooftop prince, esp with han ji min. In real life he looks cool n pretty too. Hope to get real time updates of him. Is he aware of SG fan club existence?

  7. Hi Yoonie, welcome to the club….I am a huge fan of RTP as well…maybe when time permits, you can pen down something about why you like Yu Chun or how special he is to you….to me, Yu Chun is a unique and special person on this earth, he is as great on or off screen coz he is hardly pretentious and his dazzling smile is so infectious…

  8. Definitely a new fan of Park Yoochun – I think he acted very well in Sungkyunkwan Scandal… He did great, definitely! Thank you for keeping us updated about Yoochun and JYJ, thank you.

  9. Thanks very very much …. and a q: do u accept fan art ?

  10. hope park yuchun can come to perth australia.. 🙂

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