24February2016 [FAN] A GIFT of LOVE From the CREATOR and a DONATION of LOVE from a GENEROUS FAN for all!

Last year, when the “SNOOPY in LOVE” exhibition was held in Lotte Seoul, I missed it by a few days as I was in Busan at that time. I read Peanuts comics when I was young and of course, Snoopy is one of my fave characters. I even played Snoopy game on ipad.

I was very very thrilled when I learnt that to commemorate Snoopy’s 65th birthday, there was a project in Korea for celebrities and well known people to write a message and these figurines will be auctioned off for Charity. I was even more excited to know that Yuchun is one of the artist involved.

I always have happy and special moments when I visit Korea whether it is for business or leisure. (I will be sharing them in a Chunsa Magazine soon). I was truly blessed last week when a GENEROUS fan(s) who had successfully bid for Yuchun’s Snoopy donated it to Gangnam Tourist Center. I could not contain my excitement and no matter what I have to try to make this visit to look at “HIM” eye to eye and take loads of pictures.

Photo Collage Maker_qmEVAN

On a cold winter late morning, I had my dream fulfilled (or half!.. did not meet the artist but SNOOPY). I was told I would have spotted Yuchun if I had made the trip 2 days earlier… sigh.. a Chunsa told me that I always miss bumping into him and one day my timing will be right!

He was adorable, tall and holding a beautifully painted heart by Park Yuchun. I really could not believe I am able to stand next to SNOOPY or maybe I should say I could not believe that I am standing next to something precious that was lovingly hand painted by Yuchun. As good things are to be shared, here are some of the pics of Snoopy from Gangnam tourist center. I spent half an hour with HIM as there was no one there.

Oh.. BTW.. selfies are not possible unless you have a very long selfie stick. Snoopy is really BIG the fact that he is against a wall, it is very difficult to take a selfie. I had to wait for a kind visitor to help me take a photo.

ENJOY the pics as much as I did taking them!


Photo Collage Maker_RhFXu9

Photo Collage Maker_dkjW08

Photo Collage Maker_PjG9sR


Yuchun’s Signature


I Love You

Yuchun’s Signature


Pic Credit : @Beanie6002

Translated & Shared by : ParkYoochunSGFC

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  1. Hope you will ‘bump’ into him one day. 🙂

    • I certainly hope so…keeping my fingers crossed! !
      Just read today that the precious Snoopy had a minor accident and under restoration.. I hope they look after him well.
      I was worried when I saw that there was no protection for snoopy. .anyone can touch it

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