06February2016 [NEWS] Park Yuhwan on ‘Law of the Jungle’, Phone call with Park Yuchun…”Take care of yourself”


JYJ Park Yuchun transmitted his voice of support to his actual younger brother, actor Park Yuhwan, who is joining onto ‘Law of the Jungle’.

In SBS ‘Law of the Jungle in Panama’ that aired on February 5th, Park Yuhwan joined as the second team. Park Yuhwan introduced himself and had a phone call with his older brother to say hello back then as he was leaving on his way to Panama from the airport.

On this day Park Yuhwan mentioning about his real older brother JYJ Park Yuchun to the production crew: “That’s right. Yuchun is my older brother,” and expressed his regrets toward Park Yuchun –who’s in the middle of his military service– with: “Hyung likes (that [this program] goes into the jungle). Hyung said he wanted to go to the jungle, too”. He then evoked laughter, saying: “He told me ‘You will have a hard time a little when you go in’ and ‘You might get a tan a little, too’”.

Following, there was a video clip of the phone conversation between Park Yuhwan and Park Yuchun disclosed. Park Yuchun answered Park Yuhwan’s phone call: “Are you leaving?”; and Park Yuhwan replied with laughter “I’m at the airport now”.

Park Yuchun caught attention, worrying over his younger brother, Park Yuhwan, as he shows uneasiness toward the jungle trip of his little brother, who’s five years younger than him; saying, “Stay healthy and go and come back well. Don’t get hurt. Take some photos, and send them (to me). I’m concerned about you”.


Yuchun: Hello?

Yuhwan: Hey, hyung

(OMG, my dongsaeng)
Yuchun: Are you departing?

Yuhwan: Ah, I am at the airport right now… hehehehehe

Yuchun: Aigoo~ Take care of yourself, and go and come back well…

Yuhwan: I will~

Yuchun: Don’t get hurt.
Take some photos, too, and send them.

Yuhwan: I got it~

Yuchun: I’m curious about you being in the jungle…^v^

Yuhwan: I know~

Yuchun: Go and come back well, carefully

Yuhwan: OK~

Yuchun: OK~

Yuhwan: OKK~~ ^///^


Sources: SBS funE + Star SeoulNewsen
Video credit: Park Becca
Translated by: rilanna of JYJ3
Shared by: JYJ3 + ParkYoochunSGFC

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  1. Soo sweet. By the way I think this video has not been translated yet. Wonder what Yoohwan said about Yoochun https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k4fclpg9iX8

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