05February2016 [NEWS] Variety challenge shows JYJ giving their all in their 15-year friendship


The highlights of JYJ(Kim Jaejoong, Park Yuchun, Kim Junsu)’s variety challenge spirits were released today.

JYJ’s agency C-JeS Entertainment said, “We released the last clip of JYJ’s 1-night 2-day Real Variety ‘Fruitful Trip’ highlight video through C-JeS channel on Naver TVcast, today (the 5th) at 12 noon. In the episode and highlight videos that have been released for the past 5 days, JYJ accumulated special memories and showed off their solid friendship all the more”.

In the videos released from the 1st to the 4th, it received hot responses at episodes of the first meeting for the trip, chicken-catching mission, their karaoke room and etc. revealed; and went on to continue their popularity, like them having ranked in the ‘videos watched the most’ [on Naver TVcast website]. The situation that has built up anticipation toward the full-version DVD, after the 5-minute highlight video released today so far, as expected, was revealed.


Fans who encountered JYJ’s variety videos, conveyed their reactions: “The final-round boss of JYJ variety. The best-ever laughter bomb exploded”, “I want to watch the full-version DVD as soon as possible”, “The 5 minutes of my emotions being charged by what was released one by one, day after day; it’s too bad that it has ended”.

Drawn to an end amid the explosive responses, the highlight videos of JYJ’s variety ‘Fruitful Trip’ can be seen again through C-JeS channel on Naver TVcast (http://tvcast.naver.com/cjes).

Sources: Heraldcorp + Star Daily News
Translated by: rilanna of JYJ3
Shared by: JYJ3ParkYoochunSGFC

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