18January2016 [VIDEO+GIFs] BTS Video of Yuchun While Recording for His Album “How Much Love Do You Have In Your Wallet”

1-6ececabagw1f03wfrylp6g20ak071x6p 2-6ececabagw1f03wfvxk0kg20ak071x6p 3-6ececabagw1f03wh8jzyog20ak05yb2a 4-6ececabagw1f03whdioygg20ak05y7wj 5-6ececabagw1f03whuesz7g20ak05ye83 6-6ececabagw1f03whzmvugg20ak05yx6r 7-6ececabagw1f03wi6ck3pg20ak05ynpe 8-6ececabagw1f03wiebp3lg20ak05yqv6 9-6ececabagw1f03wijnuz4g20ak05yhdv

Video credit: melon via aorjs1215
Gifs credit to: 朴有天吧官方微博
Shared by: ParkYoochunSGFC

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