21October2015 [FAN] Blessing Yuchun Opens 3rd Park Yuchun Library on Palgeum Island


The third Park Yuchun library is built in an islet called Palkeumdo, one of 1004 islets in Shinan.

It takes 30 minutes from Mokpo by ship. Palkeumdo is the center of 4 ilsets, connected by bridges.


It has no library or facility to see a movie. It has 1000 residents, 30 of whom are children.

The 3rd Park Yuchun library is built on the first floor in the community center.


The small library in green color will help the children feel comfortable, and half of the 6,950 books we sent has been arranged. The librarian will arrange them in turn because it doesn’t have enough space.


In addition to books, we provided a portable roll-screen.
Our libraries have helped residents read books and share kinds of information with others.

The head of public officials in Palkeumdo said he would put an effort to run our library.


We played the clips of Yuchun at the opening ceremony. Especially, Dong-a Injae university students showed the magic performance to celebrate this opening.

20151019_130923Moreover, we gave the officials and residents the calenders made to celebrate 5th anniversary of BYC.


We hope that the library can be the valuable place that the children will grow their dream even if it’s small and humble.

We appreciate a lot of fans from the nation and foreign for donating and supporting us.

Source : Blessing Yuchun

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