24September2015 [NEWS] Park Yuchun, Excellent Recruit Award Citation … 4-week Training Completed, Gangnam-gu Office


▷ WHO: ‘JYJ’ Park Yuchun

▷ WHEN: September 24

▷ WHERE: Nonsan Army Camp

▷ WHAT: A four-week basic military training completion. Excellent Recruits Award Citation.

▷ WHY: Because of earlier determined asthma. Discharge less than 1 week (instead of 5 weeks).

▷ HOW: Park Yuchun lived sincerely/faithful inside the camp all the time during his training. It was recognized so he received an excellent recruits citation award. In the future, it is expected to have an exemplary public service in Gangnam District Office.



▷ D-Fact: “Received Excellence Award, going to Gangnam-gu Office”

‘JYJ’ Park Yuchun was discharge from the training camp. He started last month, August 27 to finish his four-week basic military training. On September 24 at Chungnam Nonsan Army Training Camp Recruits Graduation Ceremony under 23rd Regiment.

This day, he was selected as one of Excellent Recruit. He received an award with the recognition of other Trainees for about 20 people. He was recognized for his outstanding achievement and exemplary attitude training.

Training period of 4 weeks. Caught each part of body is well-mannered, Outstanding. When name was called, stand and raise one’s hand in salute. Nervous, as if strong, also looks impressive.

After the short ceremony was over, exchanged greetings with one another on the training camp. Ride the car which was on standby prepared by manager and leave the training camp.

In the future, Park Yuchun will do the alternative military service in Gangnam District Office. He received this decision because of asthma. Draft notice will end on August 27, 2017.



Source : Dispatch

Translated by : alyne_6002

Shared by : ParkYoochunSGFC

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  1. 5ting!!**oppa♥♥
    Always supporting you..

  2. Being recognized as one of the Excellent Recruits, despite his health condition and being not as strong as the rest, says more than a lot about our man.

    Congratulations, Soldier Park. You make us real proud.

  3. I think that because of his asthma he shouldn’t do military service.

  4. my beloved Yoochun is always the best!

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