22September2015 [NEWS] Park Yuchun, assigned at Gangnam-gu Office, finalized … Discharge from training center on September 24


Group JYJ member and actor Park Yuchun will do the alternative military service and will serve as a public service worker at the Gangnam-Gu Office.

On September 22, According to the Military Manpower Administration officials, Park Yuchun will be working as a public service personnel at the District Office located in Samseong-dong, Gangnam-Gu, Seoul after the training from Nonsan Army training camp this coming September 24 .

Park Yuchun enlisted last month August 27 at Chungcheongnam-do Nonsan Army Training Center quietly to fulfill his mandatory military service for all men of the Republic of Korea.  His four weeks basic military training course will end on the 24th, and he received his assignment to serve at the Gangnam-Gu Office.

Park Yuchun received a lot of love from his fans during the JYJ Membership Week fan meeting last August 25 before he enlist. He also gave his message at the day of enlistment saying “I will go and come back well.”

Meanwhile, Park Yuchun is the second JYJ member to enter the military service, next to Kim Jaejoong who enlisted last March 31 as an active soldier.

Source : Osen

Translated by : alyne_6002

Shared by : ParkYoochunSGFC


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  1. This is great! It’s in Seoul and I heard it’s near where he lives.

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