17September2015 [NEWS] Japan longing for Park Yoo-chun


Japan is still longing for Park Yoo-chun despite his absence.

The Girl Who Sees Smells” has been broadcast in Japan up to the 8th episode on the 11th. It’s only been playing one episode per week but there are other events to comfort fans.

Usually if a Korean drama is sent over to Japan, the stars would hold fan meetings. However, other events are being tried out for the sake of Park Yoo-chun‘s popularity.

Ads of the drama and even the route of the drama truck is being opened to Japanese fans. There is also a panel exhibition that’s never been seen before.

The events will continue until the final episode. The official homepage will give out questions about the drama and 20 of those who get everything right will be brought to Korea and tour the drama locations. It’s a gift from the enetertainment company in the name of Park Yoo-chun.

Meanwhile, Park Yoo-chun is currently serving National Duty.

Source :  HanCinema

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