27August2015 [NEWS] Park Yuchun gets a phone call from Kim Jaejoong in the army, the night before enlistment


Kim Jaejoong conveyed his regards in a phone call to Park Yuchun the night before his enlistment.

According to a close JYJ source on August 27, Kim Jaejoong conveyed his regards, “Stay healthy and go and come back well” through a phone call personally to Park Yuchun on August 26. Kim Jaejoong is in the middle of his service as a Private 1st Class soldier in the 55th Infantry Division of the Army currently. On this, Kim Jaejoong entreated Park Yuchun –who he cannot meet directly– a healthy life in training camp; even if it was only with a telephone call.

Not only that. Kim Junsu had a small farewell party for Park Yuchun after the ‘2015 JYJ MEMBERSHIP WEEK’ fanmeeting held on August 25. According to a close source, Kim Junsu sat through till the end at a farewell party with his agency C-JeS Entertainment family and shared many stories with Park Yuchun.

Out of JYJ that’s enlisting up to Park Yuchun, only Kim Junsu is left in society.

Meanwhile, Park Yuchun will be entering at Nonsan Army Training Center in Chungnam on August 27. He is expected to be receiving his basic military training for 4 weeks, to serve as a public goods service member from there.

Source : Newsen

Translated by : rilanna of JYJ3

Shared by : JYJ3 + ParkYoochunSGFC


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