29July2015 [VIDEO+TRANS] Full Trans of Yuchun’s Letter to Fans During His “All About Yu” Japan Fan Meeting Tour

Full translation of Yuchun’s letter to fans during his “All About Yu” fan meeting in Japan:

Before this fan meeting tour started, I have thought a lot on how I should express my thoughts to everyone. And in the end, I have decided to just be myself and spend a pleasant time with all of you.

It’s already been more than 10 years since my debut. 1/3 of my life was spent together with everyone. It seems very long but quite short too. Although the road travelled was not always smooth, I have achieved a huge dream and at the same time, I have felt a lot of moments of anxiety and pain.

Even so, the reason why I can live life smiling like this until today is because of the members who have joined hands and walked together, my family who understands me the most, the staffs who have supported me and also, all of you who have always been warmly watching over (protecting) me and loving me.

Through this fan meeting tour, once again, I have felt everyone’s profound love for me. Really, thank you very much.

The past, the present, and also the future… Just like this, it was all of you who created the Park Yuchun who’s standing on stage.

Right now, I’m standing in front of a new crossroad again. Honestly, there’s a lot of uneasiness.

However, after the 2 years have passed, I wish I could let everyone see a more mature and a stronger Park Yuchun. I will engrave everyone’s smile in my heart and make it my strength to take a bigger step.

Even if we’re apart, we’re still living under the same sky. And until the day when we get to meet again, please be sure to live healthily and happily.

I love you all.


Video credit: hyunjoong501charu
Source: 朴有天吧官方微博
Japanese to Chinese trans by: 小荷
Chinese to English trans by: ParkYoochunSGFC

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