24July2015 [NEWS] JYJ’s Park Yoo Chun tells fans to not forget JYJ at his Japan fan meeting


JYJ’s held his ’2015 Park Yuchun Fan meeting Japan Tour -ALL ABOUT YU’ fan meeting on July 22nd and 23rd in Yokohama, where he interacted with over 24,000 fans.

The star began his fan meeting tour back in June with Osaka, before heading to Nagoya, and then Yokohama. The six fan meetings (2 in each city) drew more than 70,000 fans in total.

Park Yoo Chun made his entry by singing his self-composition ‘Walking With Her In Spring,’ and won a huge round of applause from fans. Fans screamed out his name, and Park Yoo Chun reciprocated by waving to them.

Thereafter, Park Yoo Chun reminisced about past memories with fans, and even shared some private photos. The highlight of the fan meeting was when Park Yoo Chun performed ‘Sunflower Promise,’ as a form of a song present for them.

The star did not rely on any translator, as he interacted with fans in fluent Japanese. He even did parodies of the Osaka dialect, and popular Japanese comedy shows, and brought much laughter to fans. Thereafter, he personally whipped up several dishes like rice rolls, takoyaki, and fried pancakes, and won much praise from fans for his effort.


Park Yoo Chun expressed, “I feel really blessed now. I can reminisce about all the times we were together, and I will keep today in my heart as well. I hope that everyone will not forget this day either. Even as time passes, JYJ will still stand here. Please remember me and JYJ. Thank you everyone, and please stay healthy.”

Finally, fans sang along with Park Yoo Chun to JYJ’s ‘You’re,’ with the former raising banners that wrote ‘we will wait for you’ to show their support.


Meanwhile, Park Yoo Chun will be in attendance on August 25th for ’2015 JYJ MEMBERSHIP WEEK’ in Seoul.

By: Alvin

Source : kpopfighting.com

Shared by : ParkYoochunSGFC

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  1. Don’t cry i will wait for you..and i will miis you…oppa…

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