22July2015 [TRANS] Excerpts from Yuchun’s The Daily Sports Interview


Q. Do you drink often?
A. No. Recently I haven’t be drinking much. After TGWSS & Lucid Dream, I pretty much stay home all the time. I don’t go out. I don’t drink 6 days a week like I used to. (laughs)

Q. What do you do at home?
A. I don’t do anything special. I just watch movies and stuff. You don’t have to do anything at home and time will just flies. I do something, I eat, I sleep, I watch movies. That’s pretty much the routine.

Q. [JJ was] the first to enlist among the members. It must have felt a little different meeting Jaejoong on leave.
A. It was amazing how he didn’t feel like a soldier at all. He got bigger and more masculine. I don’t know if he was made for the military but it was good to see him looking good.

Q. You are not on active-duty but on alternative duty.
A. I’m not trying to make it sound good for the interview but I really did try to get reexamination. I took my medicine and tried to go for active-duty after I gained back my health. I went to the hospital designated by the The Military Manpower Administration like they asked me to but they ultimately said no. It was disappointing. They say asthma can be deadly in military service. Your life could be at the stake so they couldn’t make it work.


Q. People say you are hard to get in touch with.
A. I don’t answer [my messages]. (laughs) I don’t talk too long on the phone either, but sending messages back and forth, that’s just not my style. I’m just too lazy to use my thumb.

Q. It must be frustrating for your friends.
A. Jaejoong hyung once said, “When Yuchun doesn’t answer your texts, you already have received an answer.” They say Jaejoong hyung’s feelings were hurt. What do I do?

Q. That must be the same for talking on the phone.
A. I don’t go over three minutes. When talking on the phone, make it short. Lately I talked to Jaejoong hyung in the unit for about 27 minutes. Exactly 27 minutes I hung up and was so tired. That was the first time in 10 years.

Q. What did two men have so much to talk about?
A. It was mainly hyung talking by himself. He talked about this and that and won’t hang up. I think he missed people in the military so much that he talked a lot.

Q. Jaejoong may have been hurt.
A. Once, we were talking on the phone and hyung asked me why I wouldn’t answer his calls. So I said, “I was filming the show. I will call you back,” and then he said, “Yuchun-ah, I don’t have a phone…” I was so sorry. What did I say to someone who doesn’t own a phone? (laughs)

Q. You must worry about changing your characters
A. I don’t think about changing my public image. That’s easier said than done. I don’t work to meet up the expectations of what public images others have of me. It’s hard to keep the balance but I tried to make it work.

Q. Your character in Haemoo was a surprise.
A. I don’t plan on making a certain atmosphere. I just let it flow naturally. I took on a lot of roles like chaebol or princes that were far from normal. So I was interested in doing something normal and realistic like the plain character I could show in Haemoo. And that’s what I did.


Q. You started as a singer. Do you have any plans of solo album?
A. It’s not like there’s no plan for an album, but I just feel like singing should be done by [other] members. It’s not an area I should be covetous. I always have plans but I just can’t seem to act on it.

Q. Is there a specific style you want to go for?
A. If there is good music and the right opportunity, it would be great to release a song. But I don’t want it to be commercial. If I have an album released, I want to tell my story. They shouldn’t pay for what they listen to. I sometimes write songs and sing solo at concert, but I do not release the tracks for that reason. Actually, I just recently had an offer for a recording, but I decided not to. I don’t like things to be official.

Q. You have been in the show business for 12 years now. What will happen in the future?
A. I want to make it a gradual downhill from here. I am getting ready to go down that road. By going downhill, I don’t mean leaving show business all together, but I think I’ve reached my prime as a singer and an actor. I think it would be hard to maintain this status. If it is so, you want to make the fall as gentle as possible. That’s my homework.

Q. A word to your fans?
A. I just like them. There is no need for words. When fans ask me, I would answer the same. It’s not because they do something for me, I just find them beautiful and lovable.


Source: isplus (1 2 3)

Translations by: @inheaven_wJYJ (1 2 3)

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  1. “…but sending messages back and forth, that’s just not my style. I’m just too lazy to use my thumb.” – Hahahaha! This used to be me! I used to be too lazy to use my thumb too until I became a Chunsa. Now I have to use my thumb a lot to talk to Chunsas haha!

    “but I just feel like singing should be done by [other] members. It’s not an area I should be covetous. I always have plans but I just can’t seem to act on it.” – Ohhh please don’t break my heart Yuchun. PLEASE.

    Downhill is not on your horizon, it won’t be for a very long time. It’s much too far away to think about it now. Just relax and let us hear you sing. We don’t care if it’s commercial or whatever. We just want to hear you sing, we would love to hear your story. Please. 😦

  2. Let’s have more of your compositions at your FMs or concerts then. We will wait for you to be ready for your story in an album.

  3. Yu Chun ah, yes, we have been waiting to hear your story Where is “Untitled Song Part 2 “? It’s been 4 years since you composed Part 1. Part 1 has a special place in my heart , the way you tell your story about your past agony.

    Many things have happened. Now, it’s time to compose Part 2 and tell us how it’s been when your destiny seems to bring you to greater heights. And greater still . Not downhill as you think.

  4. ottoke downhill? No!! are you plan to retire?! oppa you still young & your journey still long. as a idol yes you are already in prime but as actor your journey still long. i want to see you in variety character please oppa 😦

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