20July2015 [SCANS] HANRYU T.O.P. Magazine Vol. 43 with Yuchun on the Cover

1-c5bfa903gw1eu9jcw6vd1j21b01snwx7 2-c5bfa903gw1eu9jd2xea5j219x1sjavz 3-c5bfa903gw1eu9jd74p7aj21b11sj1kx 4-c5bfa903gw1eu9jdbn8bij21b11sj7vj 5-c5bfa903gw1eu9jdey566j21b11sj4jt 6-c5bfa903gw1eu9jdkb9t7j21b11sj7oj 7-c5bfa903gw1eu9jdqlcnhj21b11sjngj 8-c5bfa903gw1eu9je9vo7pj21b11sjtrt 9-c5bfa903gw1eu9jebitvbj21b11sjni4 10-c5bfa903gw1eu9jefl8spj21b11sjh7h 11-c5bfa903gw1eu9jeooj60j21b11sjnkaCredit: 1231theGrace

Shared by: ParkYoochunSGFC

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  1. Can’t help feeling that the expression on his face in the last photo can launch a thousand words. I only have one word – beautiful.

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