02July2015 [HQ PICS] Park Yuchun at Gimpo Airport Arriving from Osaka, Japan

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v6917dbd2jw1etop8ba9lcj20ic0rs78f v6917dbd2jw1etop87hd2ij20rs0ij78t v6917dbd2jw1etop89d41lj20rs0ijtcrPic credit as tagged

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  1. In some photos, Yuchun was captured with mouth-slightly-open lost look –
    just like his crush Kim Tae Hee’s mouth-slightly-open lost look … hehehe!
    when I saw these photos, I instantly thought of KTH !
    Yuchun looks so handsome wearing shorts but yeah
    his total airport fashion style really looks good on him as always ❤

    와우! 섹시한 다리 – wow! sexy legs 🙂 LOL!

  2. Bee-stung lips and buttoned-up shirt. The sexy conservative. 😀

    • @Jellybean,
      ok, you got some observations about his lips… hahaha!
      I can’t help, his lips always catches my attention too! OMG! LOL!
      but I thought, his lips looks juicy enough, want to “bite” … ❤
      ooooppps, sorry… just random thought… no harm intended LOL! 🙂

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