30June2015 [NEWS] Park Yuchun will appear in this year’s “Sungkyunkwan Scandal” August stamps issue


Park Yuchun will appear in this year’s “Sungkyunkwan Scandal” August stamps issue.

Hallyu star JYJ Park Yuchun starring in the drama Sungkyunkwan Scandal will be issued on stamps. This Sungkyunkwan Scandal stamp commemorates the 50th Anniversary of the Diplomatic relations between Korea and Japan and a special event was planned on the 10th anniversary of the birth of Korean Wave star. The limited edition stamps will be sold in  Japan and the official publication on post office will be released on August 24.

Sungkyunkwan Scandal is the drama where Park Yuchun, with a strong image of a singer, is recognized as an actor, loved by many and attracted great popularity. This drama is a big hit in Japan, and made Park Yuchun rise to ranks suddenly as one of the Hallyu stars.

Sungkyunwan Scandal stamps are expected to attract the attention of stamp enthusiasts and Hallyu fans. In particular, Park Yuchun’s fan meeting this June and July, will take place in Japan and it seems to be a wonderful gift to give to Hallyu fans before he joins the military service.

The Sungkyunkwan Scandal stamp in Japan will be available on official publication on August 24.

Source : edaily

translated by : alyne_6002

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  1. I wish you were making more movies,have only been able to find 2 and I know them by heart. This from a 75 year old.

    • @Ann Vulgamore: Hi! Have you seen Haemoo (movie) and Girl Who Sees Smells (drama)? If you haven’t, you definitely have to see them.

      You remind me of my mum. I saw her watching Rooftop Prince (and SKKS) so I got curious and watched them too. And now here I am, a Chunsa. 😀

  2. @Ann Vulgamore, Hello, nice to see you here…
    wow I got curious what is that two Yuchun dramas that you have seen that you know by heart…
    I have seen all his dramas and movie but I cannot say I know them by heart…need lots of time to re-watch them all before I can say that… 🙂
    Can I guess you like SungKyunkwan Scandal drama?

    me too, I wish he will make more movies… but he will star in another movie “Lucid Dream” even if he is not the main lead… at least he did one more movie before he enlist on Aug.27…

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