08June2015 [NEWS/TRANS] Hallyu star who is loved by advertisers – Perfection of Fashion, Park Yuchun…shaking up Asia with the charm of a ‘Sold-Out Male’


Park Yuchun has sold out drama ‘The Girl Who Sees Smells(shortened ‘TGWSS’)’ advertisements. ‘TGWSS’ has sold off all of its advertisements that was attached with its broadcasts since Episode 5. There is hot interest toward ‘TGWSS’, not only in South Korea but also in China and the United States. This is the effect that’s caused by Park Yuchun’s charm.

Park Yuchun’s Chinese fans caught attention publishing ‘TGWSS’ Park Yuchun’s poster advertisements at many subway stations by the moving population. Park Yuchun was hot as ‘TGWSS’ is being watched in real time and similar ways on video sites in Asia on Wednesday and Thursday nights when he makes his appearance.

Park Yuchun is responsible for a big portion in broadcasting box-office, too. It is due to him fully that ‘TGWSS’ placed No.1 in drama grading section in South Korea, China, the United States and more; with advertisements sold out and such.

On making inquiries about dramas in China’s Weibo, ‘TGWSS’ had occupied the No.1 spot back then with the drama airing on May 21, with 330 million times in viewing hits and 735,000 comments. It has maintain its upper rankings; like, No.1 in the Korean drama ranking on the IPTV platform Hulu in the United States, Soompi, DramaFever, global tv Viki, and etc.

This time in ‘TGWSS’, Park Yuchun is receiving an evaluation where he’s smashing the stereotype of a detective with his ‘real boyfriend look’. Women’s hearts are teeming over Park Yuchun’s ‘real boyfriend look’, of course, domestically and globally; in China, the United States, and others countries.

Park Yuchun has received love calls from advertisers after every drama he’s starred in all the while. The main factor where Park Yuchun’s soft, warm image elicits trust toward consumers back when filming for 2012’s drama ‘Rooftop Prince’, advertisers got fired up at capturing Park Yuchun.

Park Yuchun’s agency C-JeS Entertainment explained, “Every time each of his works end, there are constant new CF requests for Park Yuchun,” and, “He has shown exceptional immersion in the characters of every works and hence can instill a new image to viewers; his advertisement effect is more remarkable than other models”. In particular, this is Park Yuchun’s characteristic where there are love calls are coming in various areas not concentrated in any one event and without distinction of age or gender.

Park Yuchun, all the while, has been active as a model in a full range of advertisements, from food to pharmaceuticals; like, Ottogi Noodle Kiss Myun, Dongsuh Food’s TiO, Nintendo’s Wii, Italian restaurant Blacksmith, clothing brand NII, Chong Kun Dang’s Penzal Q, LG Optimus Q2. In addition, he also has appeared in campaign-type advertisements; like, Standard Chartered Bank’s ‘Good Library Project’ and Save the Children’s ‘Newborns Hats Knitting Campaign’.

Advertisers are taking note of the point that Park Yuchun is not a face with a distinct characteristic but a ‘star’ who has a strong natural or healthy image. It seems the healthy yet affable image that Park Yuchun possesses has a great deal of appeal.

Park Yuchun was awarded the Male Newcomer Award in the Movie category at the 51st ‘Baeksang Arts Awards’ through movie ‘Sea Fog’ that he made his screen debut recently; and earned the honor with an 8-time crown of Newcomer Awards. He has proven his potential as an actor.

Standing in front of the general public as a singer of group JYJ who had debut in 2004 with TVXQ, he consolidated his place as an actor with 6 dramas –from 2010’s KBS ‘Sungkyunkwan Scandal’, to 2011’s MBC ‘Miss Ripley’, 2012’s SBS ‘Rooftop Prince’, 2012’s MBC ‘Missing You’, 2014’s SBS ‘Three Days’, and 2015’s ‘The Girl Who Sees Smells’–; and a movie –‘Sea Fog‘–. The Park Yuchun who is showing off his various charms more over time. Already forging its way in Asia, Park Yuchun’s dramas and movie are gaining global popularity beyond Asia in the box-offices; and has the prospect of even keeping from cooling down in the future.

Source: Aju News
Translated by: rilanna of JYJ3
Shared by: JYJ3 + ParkYoochunSGFC

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  1. Wow.. I want more of his cf please!

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