04June2015 [FAN] Letter From A Chunsa


It has been almost a year since I last wrote about my discovery Journey with Park YuChun.

What a wonderful year of surprises and memories for me. I cannot believe that I am actually writing this but I have fallen head over heels a 2nd time with YuChun. Instead of writing my thoughts, I have decided to change it to a LETTER to YuChun……


To My Dearest YuChun



I am an ordinary working adult who by pure luck and chance able to meet you through LEE GAK in Dec 2013. It has been an absolute joy since then. You have been such an inspiration to me in your many quiet ways. In a short span of about 1.5 years ((I had wished it was much longer ) I have been extremely fortunate to encounter the many aspects of your character which has shaped at how I view life.


Though my poor heart flutters and pitter patters each time I read and see your boyish and handsome face on news, you ultimately have a calming effect on me. No matter how stressed I am at work or depressed at the end of the day, I will calm down the moment I plug in the earpieces and listen to your “ever to die for” voice or to see your breathtaking smile

Seriously…. DO YOU AGE BACKWARDS??…sigh..



My dear Yuchun.. I have learnt to have courage in facing difficulties at work and personal life. You once said” Regardless of whatever pain and hardship, I will face it courageously and not give up” .. For that I sincerely thank you.

CBZEkAuU8AAQm1x.jpg large


This is a precious gift which I will cherish and put to practice every day of my life.

To love unconditionally and always keep the faith.

You have certainly gone through lots of hardships that had resulted in many years of tears, frustrations and I am truly happy that you are blessed with the gift of Jaejoong and Junsu to support one another. I am simply envious of the strong bond of brotherhood and friendship.

I am very certain that the future is waiting for you and JYJ in the coming years.


Dearest Yuchun,

You have always thanked your fans for supporting you and giving you love and are always grateful to us throughout these years.

Today I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for just being you and allowing me, an ordinary Chunsa to “meet you” through your acting/music and singing. It is a real privilege and honor to enjoy your excellent natural portrayal of the characters over the past 4 years.

I LOVED the righteous Lee Seon Jun,
ATTRACTED to the rich but yet humble Song Yoo-hyun,
FELL IN LOVE with the dorkiness of Lee Gak
TOUCHED by the love of Han Jung Woo
INSPIRED by the loyal Han Tae-Kyung
ADMIRED Dongshik for his courage, determination and fearlessness
SMITTEN by the ever adorable and perfect boyfriend/hubby Mugakie

Once again: a BIG THANK YOU and congratulations for all the awards you have garnered for your brilliant work

To meet you in person is a dream which I will always hope to become reality.


I will miss you terribly after August 27. I had always thought that by seeing you in fan meetings and dramas/movie prior to your enlistment would make the separation easier. Actually it is incorrect. The more I see you now the more depressed and sad I feel as it is so difficult to let go (esp after TGWSS).

Perhaps if you were to do a NINJA now.. it would be easier..



o Stay healthy always and Come back safely after your military service
o May you have all your dreams fulfilled
o May you find your other half and deserve all the happiness and love in the near future

Always remember that there is a Chunsa and other chunsas around the globe praying and supporting you always in many many years to come.


Your ever loving Chunsa,



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  1. “…but I have fallen head over heels a 2nd time with YuChun.”

    @Beanie, believe me it’s not gonna stop at 2nd time haha! It’s a fact Chunsas have to face, falling over and over again with Yuchun. Have you heard of the Chunsa who has fallen for Lee Seon Jun for more than fifty times? If that could happen with LSJ, how much more with our Yuchun? 😉

    Thank you for sharing your letter to Yuchun. He said he likes reading fans’ letters. It’s a bit of a challenge getting our handwritten letters sent directly to him, so I guess this is the next best thing. I really hope he gets to read it and the other letters posted here at PYCSGFC.

    • Nice to see you comment here my dear . . . I’ve been missing your writings but am happy to know you’re still a chunsa . . . A real chunsa 4 life 😍

      • “A real chunsa 4 life”

        I’ve fallen inside the MickyVat.
        I’m well and truly trapped in the MickyTrap© (Yo! MickyTrap© ladies where are you?).
        I’m spiraling down the black hole that is Park Yuchun.
        Yes, I guess you could say I’m a Chunsa for life! Hahah! I’m here all the time @graymando6, it’s just that I’m more of a quiet worm lately. 😉

  2. thanks to @Beanie for sharing your letter to Yuchun, I hope he can read this too.. this was another well written, heartfelt letter from a Chunsa 🙂

    @CHUNworm, I am just wandering here and there hahaha!
    The others are just probably busy somewhere out there… I missed them too.
    and well, I have noticed you got followers too? hahaha!
    oh well you are just a quiet worm lately because you got “slayed” by the “Shoulder Gangster” hehehe! 🙂

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