01 June 2015 [NEWS] Park Yoo Chun becomes a chef at Seoul fan meeting

JYJ Park Yoo Chun held his ‘Housewarming party:Epi 2′ fan meeting on May 30th and 31st, where he wowed fans with his culinary skills.

At the birthday cum fan meeting event, Park Yoo Chun mimcked jTBC program ‘Please Take Care of My Refrigerator’ and became a chef for a day, as he showed off his impressive culinary skills, and spent a great time with fans.

The event where fans got to go on stage and feast on dishes that Park Yoo Chun had cooked, drew the most attention. The sight of Park Yoo Chun in a white chef outfit fitted with a blue handkerchief, drew much applause from his adoring.

In the Park Yoo Chun version of popular culinary variety program ‘Please Take Care of My Refrigerator,’ the star used ingredients found in the refrigerator to create dishes like butter grilled squid and handmade noodles that had kimchi and Chungyang Red Pepper added to it. Park Yoo Chun then feasted on the dishes with lucky fans who were picked from among those in attendance.

A source who was at the fan meeting said, “Park Yoo Chun had prepared a lot of events in order to spend a great time with his fans, since it’s been a year following his previous fan meeting. Today’s fan meeting will be somewhat different from yesterday, and Park Yoo Chun will continue to dish out super fans’ benefits like usual.”

Credits: KpopFighting
Shared by: JYJ3 + ParkYoochunSGFC

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