01 May 2015 [NEWS] Assemblywoman Choi Min Hee talks about her proposed JYJ Law in detail

During a recent interview, assemblywoman Choi Min Hee, who had proposed the ‘JYJ Law,’ explained in detail why she wants to create such bill, as well as why she borrowed the group name ‘JYJ’ for the title of her proposed bill.

When assemblywoman Choi Min Hee was asked why the name of the bill was named after idol group JYJ, she answered, “Members of JYJ went to court with their former agency and won the suit. This symbolizes a new rift within the entertainment industry. Putting emphasis on that meaning, we named it so that it would reinstate what’s stated in Article 85 of Broadcast Law.

In response to the question, “What is the reason for making this law?” the assemblywoman replied, “Laws are made for citizens to use as a base, it’s not for them to lean on. However, there has to be a legal basis where the weak is protected as much as possible. Broadcasting law is the same. The whole world is screaming ‘win-win’ when it comes to partnerships, but only in Korea is there a hierarchy among the broadcasting station, producers, and the cast. We should break the tradition of forced efficiency. This bill was proposed so that we can correct wrongful actions and regain viewers’ rights.”

The interviewer then raised the concern of ‘devilish editing’ and questioned whether or not the production company would edit the episode to intentionally make the problematic idol or cast member look bad.

Assemblywoman Choi Min Hee replied, “That’s why the system has to change properly. Everyone has good will in their hearts.  Taking the bill into consideration, we all have to try to prevent such an incident from happening. Once the ‘JYJ Law’ passes, it is to a person’s own discretion to make harmonious relationship with others. Personal issues have the upper hand when it comes to law and evoke more positive public sentiment, so they should be dealt with on a humane level.“

Meanwhile, Assemblywoman Choi Min Hee first proposed the ‘JYJ Law’ back in April 14 to prevent banning, or ‘blacklisting,’ specific entertainers and artists from appearing on broadcast without a justifiable reason.

Credit: Allkpop
Shared by: JYJ3 + ParkYoochunSGFC

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  1. Por fin se levanta alguien que apoye a todos artistas, pues si no fuera por ellos las agencias que los representan no tendrían el dinero que tienen y el poder que tienen, pues son los chicos y chicas con sus talentos son los que hacen que estas agencias se llenen de dinero, que DIOS bendiga al asambleísta Choi Min Hee, para que su Ley llegue a feliz termino y así se amparen los derechos de todos los artistas.

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