01May2015 [PYCSGFC PROJECT UPDATE] Your Words For Yuchun…

Hello Chunsas,

Wondering what happened to the messages you sent in for Yuchun last March 2015 (you can read the project info HERE)?

Here it goes… We compiled all the messages we received into a 32-paged, hard-cover message book.

Here’s how the front cover looks like:


The first page looks like this:


The pages inside looks like this:


Whose messages were included in this message book?

For those who have sent in their messages, kindly check out the list below to see if your messages were included in this message book:

1 Beanie (Singapore) 31 ABBIE (abbie.gaile) (Philippines)
2 Tsubaki (Malaysia) 32 Mimi (Cebu, Philippines)
3 bestsmile514 33 @S2sky6002 (Canada)
4 Nana (Hong Kong) 34 Roweina (Indonesia)
5 @withYuchun_INA (Indonesia) 35 Ikuko SUZUKI (Japan)
6 Chillingsaint (Singapore) 36 Angella (Indonesia)
7 Seasidewanderer6002 (Philippines) 37 Hai Binh (Vietnam)
8 Lei Castanos (Philippines) 38 PEACE (Vietnam)
9 Shupagirl_UK (United   Kingdom) 39 Aishah (Singapore)
10 Janice S. Ga-a (Philippines) 40 Sheryl (United Arab Emirates)
11 Minty (Singapore) 41 Byebichun / @LinaByebichun (Indonesia)
12 Cherry (Thailand) 42 Jenly Ngui (Indonesia)
13 J.y.h (Singapore) 43 Siubarc Chan (Hong Kong)
14 ANNA (Indonesia) 44 Melaii (Philippines)
15 Suhsmita L. (Philippines) 45 YUPaRK^^ (Thailand)
16 Jess mc (Texas, USA) 46 Lucy Fu (Hong Kong)
17 Pink Sapphire (Singapore) 47 @alyne_6002 (Philippines)
18 Yuchun Seoul (Australia) 48 Sun RuiTong (Taiwan)
19 Ana Beleganio (Finland) 49 Rita Tse
20 Mir Mir (Turkey) 50 Super Snail.
21 Jellybean/CHUNworm (Philippines) 51 FernFern (Thailand)
22 6002jm (Singapore) 52 Frances Wong (Hong Kong)
23 Lilian (Singapore) 53 Curlycurls (Macau)
24 Ve iusta (Indonesia) 54 Gemma (Philippines)
25 Ana Luisa Servin (Mexico) 55 @gigikusakit (Indonesia)
26 asthi (indonesia) 56 @cherrysky6002 (Indonesia)
27 Anna L (Singapore 57 FW (Malaysia)
28 Shafiyyah Hasna (Bandung, Indonesia) 58 Heunjx (Singapore)
29 Yanira (Puerto Rico) 59 Wei Ling (Singapore)
30 Yink Heay (Malaysia) 60 Afang (Indonesia)


The last page looks like this:


And lastly, the back cover looks like this:


So now, the question is…were we able to give this message book to Yuchun? YES. We were able to hand this message book along with our gifts to Yuchun’s manager when we visited his shooting location last April 26, 2015 (Sunday). 🙂 So hopefully, he’ll get the chance to read the messages when he’s free. 🙂

And for those Chunsas who have participated in our message book project, thank you so much for your love and support! ❤ We may not have photos to show as proof that we have handed this message book to Yuchun’s manager because taking photos is prohibited, but rest assured that we have handed this message book separately to the manager and told him to give this book to Yuchun. 🙂


❤ PYCSGFC Admin Team ❤

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  1. Thank you, PYCSGFC Admin Team for doing this loving project for us and Yuchun. This book is well-designed and thank for bringing it over to Korea. Hopefully he will get to read all our messages and feel loved.

  2. OMG its so pretty!! This looks super lovely! Thank you for spending so much effort, PYCSGFC admin team! I’m sure Yuchun will love it too! Haha. Great job! 🙂

  3. Will you guys think me overemotional if I tell you I’m tearing up now? This is truly beautiful Admins. Thank you so much for creating this beautiful book for Yuchun. Thank you for giving us a chance to be part of it and to tell Yuchun a tiny portion of how we feel about him. For Chunsas, a whole book is not enough to contain all there is to tell this man. But give us a piece of paper the size of a postage stamp and we’d still somehow manage to convey our love for him. Sorry I don’t know what I’m saying haha! I’m just really, really happy!

    No other words except, THANK YOU, PYCSGFC ADMINS!

  4. Reblogged this on annayooch's Blog and commented:
    messages for yuchun

  5. dear admin ssi
    finally mess project to our yuchun already done for 2nd times after 2014 ( and again made me cry …omo..) . thank yu so much for all the effort and your hard work … GodBless You.
    though our yuchun will go to army more than two years .. let’s cont our support to him…. always beside him no matter what .
    warm regard from indonesia
    ❤ ANNA❤

  6. 와우,이거 대박! – wow, this is awesome!
    정말 고마워요! – Thank You very much!

    Thank you so much PYCSGFC admin team, you’ve done another great project! 🙂
    This is such a beautiful gift for Yuchun, our messages of love and support compiled into a book!
    Wow! this is really amazing, I cannot express how much I am so happy and grateful for giving us the chance to join in this wonderful project.

    PYCSGFC admin team, Your incredible generosity and kind-heart shone through this book…
    Thanks so much for taking the time to make this into a lovely book and bringing this to Korea 🙂
    How can we ever thank you enough for all you’ve done?

    다시 한번, 감사합니다! – Once again, Thank You! ❤

  7. I saw my name there haha! Thank you so much admin. You guys are great! I really hope yuchun will find time to read or perhaps at least browse through our sincere and heartfelt messages for him. More power admin!

  8. Wow!.. many many thanks to admin for all the hard work and great effort. 😄

  9. Aku suka oppa yuchun
    Smoga smakin sukses oppa
    사랑해 유천 오빠

  10. Oh no.. i was not aware of this 😭😭 I totally missed the chance 😦

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