14April2015 [NEWS] ‘JYJ bill’ could see JYJ return to television


Local broadcasters may soon face tougher regulations in preventing celebrities from appearing on their programs.

On Tuesday, Rep. Choi Min-hee of the main opposition New Politics Alliance for Democracy proposed a revision to the Broadcasting Act toughening regulations against broadcasters’ unfair practices.

Dubbed the “JYJ bill,” the proposed revision would enable the Korea Communications Commission to intervene when a broadcaster bans someone without reasonable cause.

Citing the case of JYJ, Choi said that there needed to be a means to intervene in a broadcaster’s decision to ban certain individuals.

JYJ was formed by Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu in 2010 when they broke away from TVXQ. Following the move, JYJ experienced friction with their former agency SM Entertainment, as a result of which they were prevented from appearing on terrestrial broadcasters’ music programs.

According to Choi, the Fair Trade Commission’s 2013 ruling in favor of JYJ has done little to enable the group to perform on television.


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[NEWS] Assemblywoman Choi Min Hee proposes a ‘JYJ Law’ to stop blacklisting artists without a justifiable reason

Assemblywoman Choi Min Hee recently proposed a bill to prevent banning, or ‘blacklisting,’ specific entertainers and artists from appearing on broadcast without a justifiable reason. This bill will be called the ‘JYJ Law.’

The bill was proposed on April 13 by assemblywoman Choi Min Hee who outlined the controversy and lawsuit between SM Entertainment and JYJ to further help her proposal.

Assemblywoman Choi Min Hee stated, “Although The Korea Fair Trade Commission announced that idol group JYJ’s previous label cannot interfere with the group’s promotion on July 2013, JYJ is still unable to appear on music programs due to the broadcasting stations’ unfair corporate practices. Sanctions are needed against TV stations and the label who is interfering with the group’s appearances on music shows.

Just yesterday, Junsu appeared on EBS‘s ‘Space Sympathy‘ after six years of being off air and was seen performing his hit tracks live.

Meanwhile, also on April 13, cultural analyst Ha Jae Geun commented on EBS News, “Despite the lawsuit ending in 2012, we have not been able to see Junsu or the other members on any shows. The reason for that is broadcast companies consider the fact that SM is a huge company and there is speculation that in order to cast SM idols, they need to distance themselves from JYJ, who do not have a good relationship with SM.”

What are your thoughts on this proposal?

Credit: Allkpop
Shared by: ParkYoochunSGFC

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