01April2015 [OTHER FACEBOOK] SBS Updates: ‘The Girl Who Sees Smells’ Message Proof Shots

#‎냄새를보는소녀‬ ‘박유천, 신세경, 남궁민, 윤진서’ 가
여러분에게 보내는 메시지가 도착했어요♬
오늘(1일) 밤 10시 첫방사수!!
인증샷 이벤트도 잊지 마세요 ^.^‬‬‬


Here are the messages sent by ‪#‎The_Girl_Who_Sees_Smells ‘Park Yuchun, Shin Se-kyung, Namgoong Min, Yoon Jin-seo’ to everyone♬
Be sure to catch the first broadcast at 10 PM tonight ([April] 1st)!!
Don’t forget also about the proof shots event ^.^‬


[YuChun’s Message]

The Girl Who Sees Smells! Please give us lots of support!! Fighting!!

(Kor to Chi trans by @Sally_2002)10633648_970953972916282_8738901161343573052_o 11130459_970953992916280_5878193212418641065_o 11082352_970953949582951_8651054785488727819_oSource: SBS FB(1)
Translated by: rilanna of JYJ3
Shared by:
 JYJ3 + ParkYoochunSGFC

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  1. ‎냄새를보는소녀‬ 화이팅! 🙂
    박유천 화이팅! ❤
    최무각 화이팅! ❤

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