26March2015[TRANS] @star1 Magazine Vol. 37 (April 2015 issue) Interview – Yuchun: You there? Part 2


Do you worry about hair or wardrobe and also your style in the drama?
The staffs know better so, I let them do it for me. Kk~ The experts will know what to do when the time comes so, I’ll just trust them. It’s enough for me to do my part in acting. Except for dieting, I do not have to worry about my outer appearance.

You seem to worry a lot about acting?
I just want to do well. I want to show the different colors of my image…Be it in expressing emotions or the usual acting. Isn’t there something called life acting? I want to do that naturally. “I’ve become familiar!” “I’ve become more heartwarming…” If I’m able to feel that way, that would be great.

It’s spring now. Your routine will revolve very much around filming.
It’s better this way. If I’m no filming then even though it’s spring, I think having soju at some street stall will be all that I do. Even though it’s filming, I honestly find myself going here and there more often when filming.

‘Refrigerator, Please’
What did he do when taking a break from acting for close to a year? He must have had a lot of time to himself apart from some schedules on-and-off. He was indulging himself in the replay of cooking programs and movies. Even though he likes watching cooking shows on TV, the skill itself is challenging. Recently, he has been thinking that So Yujin’s husband, Baek Jongwon is cool. He enjoyed going out drinking to his heart’s content with the seniors in the same agency, Choi Minsik and Sol Kyunggu while chatting about acting.

What were you doing during the break?
Just staying at home watching TV and movies to the extent of replays. I met almost no one. Last Lunar New Year, I invited our staffs to my house and we had sashimi, snow crab, abalone, ‘maeuntang’ (spicy fish stew) and stuff like that together. If it was in the past, I would probably travel but now, the house just feels comfortable. If I go out, I need to dress up, drive, that’s troublesome. Haha. Not too long ago, when the price of gas was at its lowest I thought, “Should I take a drive and go out?” But then, I didn’t. If there’s no schedule, chances are I’m at home.

What interesting shows are you watching on TV lately?
JTBC <Refrigerator, Please>! It’s absolutely fun. It’s really good. I watch movies over IPTV [T/N: Video On Demand TV which users have to pay for monthly] but within a month, it summed up to a few hundred thousand Won. I re-watch the movies I’ve watched before and look for movies I’ve never watched to watch. Because Yuhwan calls me to watch with him, I watch it again. Haha.

Not only <Refrigerator, Please> but lately cooking programs are very popular.
Indeed. I’m having fun watching it. I don’t miss an episode of <Refrigerator, Please> and I’ve watched it all, ah, I’ve also finished watching <Korean Food War>, Chef Baek Jongwon? He looks really cool. Haha. All cooking programs are interesting. Originally, I would only tune in to SBS <Law of the Jungle> and MBC <Infinite Challenge>. Now, I won’t miss watching <Refrigerator, Please> as well. MBC <My Little Television>? That is also fun to watch. One more! I like XTM <The Bunker>. I’m originally a person who likes cars. I’ve tried doing car servicing/maintenance in the past, so I’ve got a lot of interest towards it.

To be continued…

(Translations are done based on the original interview in Korean)

Translated by @yochwennie

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