26March2015[TRANS] @star1 Magazine Vol. 37 (April 2015 issue) Interview – Yuchun: You there? Part 1


Standing in front of the camera after 1 year. Without a reason, the area around the pit of his stomach feels strange. Though he has been up on multiple stages and have acted in various films, standing in front of the camera still makes him tremble. Park Yuchun (28), will be a making a comeback through SBS’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama <The Girl Who Sees Smells>. Much earlier on, he has confirmed his appearance as the lead male role while waiting for the decision of the beautiful leading lady. As he is expected to be enlisted for military service this year, this drama by the looks of it would be his last project. But then what meaning would the word ‘last’ hold when he would resume acting and his other activities upon his return? Anyhow, his heart is somewhat full of the determination to do well this time.

‘The Girl Who Sees Smells’

While resting for almost a year, watchin Seol Kyunggu’s movie <My Dictator> jolted his feelings. What met his feelings of “Ah…I really want to act.” “I want to do as well as that” in the end was this drama. The thing that he is most occupied with these days is this <The Girl Who Sees Smells >. We asked Park Yuchun about the things he is most engrossed in lately.

The news of the script reading was published. Did you have a good with regards to it?

Hunch…haha. What type of hunch? I don’t think there was anything like a special hunch. Script reading is indeed fun. There were staffs whom I’ve not met for a long time and also acting coaches. Also, it is not the director’s style to conduct script reading like a study session so we it more cordially than anything else then we wrapped up and went for a drinking party. Haha. It was my first time going to ‘Saint AugusXX’ [T/N: The place they went to was Saint Augustine, a Thai restaurant but it is not appropriate for the magazine to name-drop the name of the restaurant]. Originally, I wanted ‘bugeoguk’ (dried pollack soup) with soju but I had Thai food and made ‘somaek’ (beer + soju) to drink.

It was your first time meeting Shin Sekyung, right? How did it go? 

Awkward. Kk~ We did not have many opportunities to talk that day. Myself, Lee Wonjung sunbaenim, Jung Chanwoo sunbaenim and the director gathered together to chat. We [T/N: referring to himself and Shin Sekyung] were at a different table. We did talk for a while but of course, it was awkward.

It’s your drama after a 1-year lapse. Are you thrilled?

I’m nervous. In fact, anyone who undertakes a project will feel the pressure or some kind of fear. For me it’s only been a year since I last acted but I’m already feeling the fear/dread of standing in front of the camera. Because I could not find the angle and expression…Also, because it’s my first shooting tomorrow and I can’t seem to grasp the thoughts of the character.

Do you like Mugak’s character?

It’s not a one-dimensional character. It’s a friend [T/N: Yuchun called Mugak ‘friend’] who is multifaceted and to get into a grave mood (character) while expressing all the diversity/facets is difficult. Now, I’m continuously thinking and trying this and that. In the past, he is a character who is joyful, he loves his sister and was mischievous but after the ‘incident’ his nature changed and he’s not an ordinary character. Something like a personality disorder, so to speak? It’s not easy for me to come up with the way of speech and actions of people with personality disorder because I have never experienced it. Though he is multifaceted, the main point is his ‘senselessness’ which I can’t seem to portray…Of course, in later filming I’ll speak with the director while cultivating emotions and eventually I’ll get a grip of how much something should be done but right now, I’m still uncertain. As I’m having lots of cockeyed ideas, I become extremely sensitive in the mornings these days. I’m thinking a lot on my own. This is because filming is immediately right under my nose [T/N: means filming is just around the corner].

Looks like you have much worries about acting. I take that you would also be concerned about your visuals [T/N: appearance]?

Nope, but for the past few days my stamina is at its lowest. Due to diet. Haha. Within just a week, I’ve lost 4 kg. I don’t eat and I move a lot. I still have 2~3 kg to lose but…alcohol? I’ll still drink alcohol. I won’t eat snacks though [T/N: in this context, he meant snacks which are served with alcoholic beverages].

To be continued…

(Translations are done based on the original interview in Korean)

Translated by @yochwennie

Shared by ParkYoochunSGFC

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