14 Mar 2015 [FAN ACCOUNT] A Korean fan who spotted Yuchun filming at the cafe

Today, oppa’s fashion style (like the photos below) is a beige jacket and light grey hoodie (I love his hoodie).


This time seeing his hair in person, it really suits him. It makes him look younger and he looks like a student. I saw 3 takes of the shooting. It looked like a scene where they (Mugak and Chorim) were facing each other with a window in between them.  Yuchun was stretching his arm across the table where he laid paper cups on while having some sort of a conversation but I am not too sure. It looked like an interesting scene. Also, the filming of the eating scene really looked as if he had no senses. Seems like he was munching and chewing without any expression. Cute! In between there were NGs and he burst into laughter. Very handsome!. Next to me were two Japanese fans who came from Nagoya to see Yuchun. After filming, when Yuchun walked out they approached him. They told him that he has worked hard and greeted him. Yuchun thanked them in Japanese.


Translated by @yochwennie

Shared by : ParkYoochunSGFC

Categories: Drama, Fan, The Girl Who Sees Smell

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