04March2015 [ANNOUNCEMENT] Your Words for Yuchun…


Hello Chunsas!

We’re doing something for Yuchun and we’d like you to be a part of it.

What is it?

We’re going to collect and compile messages for Yuchun, but we do have a topic for the messages.

What are the topics?

Generally, the topic of your all messages should be about:

1. With Yuchun’s military enlistment this year, what would you like to tell him?

2. Your message of support of Yuchun’s new drama “Sensory Couple” / “The Girl Who Sees Smell”.

Any other conditions?

1. Messages should be SHORT but MEANINGFUL. So please limit your messages to 1-2 (max) paragraphs only. Otherwise, your messages will be edited out.

2. No couple-shipping please. Messages with couple-shipping will be edited out too. Just focus your message on Yuchun only.

3. No obscene messages or something that might be rude or disrespectful to Yuchun.

4. Messages should be written in English only. Or if you’re having a hard time expressing yourself in English, we can accept Chinese. We’ll just do the translations for you.

Note: We may edit your messages for grammatical errors or if you fail to follow the conditions above.

When is the deadline?

Submission will be until March 13, 2015 (Friday) 11:59PM SGT only. ==> EXTENDED!!! until March 15, 2015 (Sunday) 🙂

Where do you send your messages?

Kindly e-mail your messages to yoochunsgfc6002@gmail.com 

E-mail subject: “Message for Yuchun”

Please include (1) your name or nickname and (2) your country

How are we going to send your messages to him?

For now, we still don’t know when, where and how yet. But we’ll do our best to get your messages to him. We’ll just provide you an update once we’re able to do so.

Any further questions?

Just in case we forgot something or if you have further questions, please feel free to email us at yoochunsgfc6002@gmail.com.

We’re counting on you

We hope to gather your words for Yuchun since this might be our last chance to send him our messages of support before he enlists this year. So Chunsas, we’re counting on you! 🙂

Thank you for your support!


❤ PYCSGFC Admin Team ❤



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  1. thank you for doing this!<3

  2. Yes, same here. Thank you for giving us this opportunity to express our thoughts to Yuchun.

  3. Yeah!!!I been waiting for these opportunity,thank you very much.

  4. I miss Chunworm … I always look forward for her comments here… but it’s been a while since i haven’t noticed a comment from her.

    • Hi @ELISE
      nice to see you here… 🙂

      maybe @CHUNworm is busy these days with her work/business?
      or with her books?
      or with someone with DID?
      I don’t know… hehehe!

      but I am very sure even if she is not leaving comments here in the blog,
      her love and support for Mr. Park remains the same and never changes…

      yeah, her comments are really cool, interesting and clever right? 🙂

      calling @CHUNworm… if you have spare time,
      please leave a comment hehehe! 🙂 Aigoo ! LOL!

    • Ibushio! Someone called my name? CHUNworm is crawling back soon haha!

      Hi @ELISE! Nice to meet you. I’m tickled pink that someone missed me. 🙂 I missed hanging around here at the blog too.

      @Enyla got it right. I’ve been rather busy with work, still is. It’s toxic days for bean counters until April 15. :(( But of course that doesn’t stop me from keeping myself updated with news about our Mu Gak haha!

      @bestsmile514 and all admins, thank you for giving us this opportunity once again. I remember the last time you had a project like this and you asked us to make our message brief and concise. I was like, is my 500-word message brief and concise? Hahaha that was so embarrassing! I promise to follow rules this time haha. Short and meaningful it will be. I hope. 😀

      • Hi CHUNworm! Glad to see you back…we’ll wait for your full return after April 15…hehehe 😀

        Thank you for always supporting our projects. We’ll wait for your message then… no worries about the last time. This time around, just think that this might be the last time we get to send him a message, so just pour your heart out and say what you wanna say… but in a simplified version? hehe 😀

  5. wow! thank you so much admins,
    I am so glad joining this project,
    sending our messages for Yuchun?!!! yay! this is it! 🙂
    let us give our messages of love and support for him! ❤

    btw, I noticed typo error in your title – *announcement

  6. annyeong bestsmile514
    Whooaaa…. thankYu .. this is what i’m waiting for…. message project…. owww.. really i’m exciting … i will joining n send mess for YUchun … a man who we loved
    ThankYU so much sissi …yu are the best … *hug yu tight**
    Warm regard
    6002theanna 😘😘

  7. Count me in!!!.. my chunsa friends told me about this project and i’m really excited.. you know who you are.. (“,)

    Admins, i’m sorry i was away for too long.. i’m really busy with work and it really frustrates me most of the time.. if only i can visit the blog and comment everyday like i used to you know i would, right?? Thank you so much for this.. i maybe silent but please don’t forget that i’m just around supporting you..

    with much love..

    • Hi @abbie.gaile … I was actually going to email you and inform you about this project but held back… hehe ^^ Glad and thankful that some kind Chunsa informed you about it instead. 😀

      Anyways, no worries abbie … we perfectly understand. 🙂 We all know our real life priorities and responsibilities should come in first before anything else, right? The same holds true for us admins too. But don’t forget you’re always welcome here anytime… 😉

      • Thank you so much @bestsmile.. i’m very happy that this blog is still around, the place i’ll always come home to..

        i sent my message already.. good thing this was extended til today.. i was worried i was a bit late but luckily i wasn’t.. hahaha..

        again thanks for this project.. God bless..

        with much love..

  8. Admin, you said that our message should be limited to 1-2 paragraphs, what is the word limit?
    I only just saw this today via twitter so will try and get my message to you by the deadline. I’m 8 hours behind so that should give me some time. 🙂

    • Hi @shupagirl! Don’t worry, we’ll wait for your message. 🙂 Actually, there’s no word limit coz we don’t want to compromise the quality of the messages. Just write what you want to say but don’t make it too long 🙂 ….and just stick around the 2 topics we mentioned above. 🙂

  9. Admin, I’ve emailed my message to you just now. 🙂

  10. I’m late for this project ~T_T~

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