17February2015 [TRANS] Park Yuchun, “I am barely thirty…I want to find my name as an actor.”

Note: This post has added translations not included in our previous post of the same article by HanCinema


2014 was more fierce for Park Yuchun (29) than for anyone else.

For 10 years he has been living in the acclamation of the public and love of fans but the heat last year was even hotter. He swept ‘Rookie of the Year’ awards in main film awards through his debut film ‘Haemoo’, becoming the center of attention.

Thanks to last year, he is being regarded as the most noteworthy actor in the film industry. Sports Donga conducted a poll last December together with the Korea University Students Union for ‘Korea’s Film of the Year’ and his name was proudly raised as ‘The Rising Star of 2015′.

“It’s indeed an ambiguous and uncertain age. I think it would be less awkward to receive an award an an older age. In front of seniors, it does not only feel good to be in the same position as them and receiving an award. It’s embarrassing and shameful.”

Late January, Park Yuchun who achieved a ‘grand slam’ swept the rookie award in the ‘Movie of the Year Award’ chosen by the Korea Movie Press association said, “Until now, I still do not think I did well,” and continued, “I recall that during the filming of Haemoo my body was stiff.”

Even the title of the book he is reading recently represents that kind of feeling. ‘I Am Only Thirty’.

“When I read it, I became aware of the meaning of an ordinary life. Not long ago, I went for a drink with a close staff at the stall and overheard a conversation about the prime of age from the next table. Only then I realized, ‘Ah, I’m also in my 30s now.’ Haha!”

His words were calm but his heart for acting is bigger than anyone else’s. He has the thought of fully making a name of his own as an actor through acting. This was what he said when he received the ‘Movie of the Year’ award.

“I have the greed of finding my name not as Micky Yuchun (his nickname when he was in DBSK) but as Park Yuchun. I’m biting off more than I can chew (T/N: Idiomatically, it means he is hoping for more than what he can manage). It was possible to find my name as Park Yuchun through the help of many people. In the future I will act to match up with the word, actor.”

The increasing number of awards reminds him of the first time he started acting.

“When I started acting in 2010 in the drama Sungkyunkwan Scandal, a close friend said, ‘If you act once, you would want to act even more.’ At that time I didn’t know but now as I look back, those words were indeed true. The momentary exhilarating feeling when acting feels good.”

When not acting, he travels to different countries as a singer and to Park Yuchun who stands on the various stage, a break is actually a luxury. In these 10 years, hectic times were repetitive but he spent a hectic 2014 and Park Yuchun who celebrated the New Year early said, “I spent a relaxing time.”

“Watching movies at home, taking a look at drama synopsis and having meals were practically all I did. Haha. When there’s free time, I rather not be preparing for anything and though I still need to plan thoroughly, I don’t let it hold me by the hand (T/N: To not allow schedules to tie him down). So, I just let it all go. Just like in Haemoo, I wanted to let the water flow.”

The thing which stimulates his heart now is ‘people’. Lately, for the recording of Haemoo DVD’s commentary Kim Yunseok, Lee Heejoo etc. met until late after a long time and there was a scene which reveals the reason for them to tilt glasses of soju and their people-loving personality.

“Not long ago, I went to the ski resort. Nearby the ski resort there is a little bar which plays LP (long-play) music. I went there to meet the owner. The boss whom I only went to see after 3 years said to me, ‘I was wondering when you’d come so, you came. Glad that you came.’ I suddenly teared up. Somehow those words are like a father’s words.”

Park Yuchun was embarrassed because, “Tears suddenly streamed down and I was also surprised.” Park Yuchun had an explanation to that, “These days, it seems like it’s the time when you notice the callous which has developed on the other party’s hand (T/N: to notice the hardship one went through and how much time has lapsed).

Source: http://sports.donga.com/3/all/20150216/69687816/3

Translated by @yochwennie

Shared by: ParkYoochunSGFC

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