5 Feb 2015 [TRANS] JYJ Magazine Volume 4 – Yuchun (at the sea)



Before going out to the sea, at the grassy plain, while sitting in a cafe at the beach drinking tea, he shared stories about ‘a meaningful life.’ Park Yuchun loves the sea (he loves the sea because it signifies freedom). However, after meeting ‘Dongshik’, whenever he sees the sea he is firstly reminded of the movie <Haemoo>. For Park Yuchun, <Haemoo> was a happy and painful memory. “It was really cold, cold and difficult…Ah, so much time had passed.” He mumbled to himself what seems like only something he could understand. Park Yuchun loved the toxic sea [T/N: I guess what it means here is that the sea brings him both happy and painful memories]. He liked to fish at the sea and watching the sky when he’s at the sea. Standing at the seawall and the glow of the setting sun in front of the lighthouse, was he thinking about Dongshik or was he happy to be at the sea? All the staff together with him, they held their breath at a distant place, only the sounds of the clicking shutter could be heard in the silence. Because it seemed like he is crying, they could not draw near to him. As always, Park Yuchun who shows his true state and is attractive.

Magazine scan credit DC PYC + MenaMamoru

Translated by @yochwennie

Shared by ParkYoochunSGFC

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  1. I like this pic.I wont be surprised it’s his own idea of a pose.

    A juxtaposition of a soul’s yearning for freedom , expressed by the vastness of the sea.
    And the humour of the man, as seen by the pointed cap and stiff leaning. Both in one.
    That’s why we are all attracted to the innerman of Yu Chun.
    His is a personality who seems to be there and yet not there.

    “It seemed like he is crying….”.

    He used to cry…..then stopped for 5 years…..then he started to cry again in Japan concerts recently.
    Where is the real Yu Chun?
    Is he hurting? Is he not hurting?

  2. “He is a personality who seems to be there and yet not there.” – I like this! It’s Yuchun alright!

    This photo makes me sad. It seems like he is looking at freedom, is yearning for freedom, but whatever it is he is being held back by something as shown in the way his hands are rigid by his sides.

    Reading and seeing this, I realize once again I could never not care about this boy.

  3. @Chunworm, sigh. It’s the melancholy in us attracted to the melancholy in him.

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