31January2015 [HQ PICS] Park YuChun at The 6th KOFRA Film Awards by ladyM

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Shared by: ParkYoochunSGFC

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  1. Thank you. Very nice pictures.

  2. This man just picks up something from the floor and hands it over to the person who apparently drops it. A very simple act. Nothing out of the ordinary. But when Park Yu Chun does it, it becomes something special.

    It’s the same thing that happened in Nov 2010 at Jamsil Stadium when he was going to sing Drunken Truth.He just picked up a piece of paper that was apparently dropped by the musician accompanying him in his song. And I wondered then why it was such a big thing to me. It’s because he is Yu Chun where every ordinary thing he does, seems so extraordinary.,

    • Yc Love, with Yuchun’s status, it is extraordinary. It says a lot about the boy. No matter how popular he gets, he will have no problem bending down because he has his feet firm on the ground.

  3. @Chunworm, you hit the nail on the head ! His anatomy is all at work at the same time – his humble head tells his flexible waist to bend with his feet firm on the ground ! 🙂

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