30January2015 [HQ PICS] Park YuChun at The 6th KOFRA Film Awards

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  1. When I look at his handsome face, it’s easy to forget that this is also a very talented man.

  2. thank you admins for sharing this HQ pics… ^_^
    Lamiel, LadyM and Blessing Yuchun
    always capture beautiful photos of Park Yuchun… ❤

    a man dressed in a suit with his hair is set to perfection
    a man who is like stepping out of his feature film
    a man admired by everyone
    a man with impressive looks
    an award-winning actor
    a Film Star
    a Model
    a strikingly handsome man
    this man is Park Yuchun ❤

    and of course @YC Love this man is also VERY TALENTED !!!! ^_^

  3. @Enyla, WOW! Now we have another poet in this blog ! @ Abbie, looks like you have poetic company now ! 🙂

    • oh no… @YC Love, I am not a poet… hahaha!
      I am too far to be called a poet…. but thank you for your kind words…
      only @Abbie can write poetic words/poems….

      I only wrote what’s on my mind when I saw the photos above…
      I find Mr. Park Yuchun very handsome in this set of HQ pics
      and honestly, I love him that night, ❤
      from his head to toe.. I am attracted to mature man..
      he exudes a lot of maturity in his suit and hairstyle…
      he looks older than his age but then… it makes him so gorgeous in my eyes.
      I did not noticed, I already said too much? hahaha! and yeah maybe it sounds poetic
      but they were just simple words for me describing Mr. Park Yuchun hahaha!

      but then, maybe, someday, I hope, I can write a beautiful poem for Mr. Park Yuchun…
      I need a lot of inspiration and tons of words hahaha! 🙂

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