20January2015[NEWS] JYJ’s Park Yuchun and miss A’s Suzy in Talks for New Drama by “Rooftop Prince” Director


JYJ‘s Park Yuchun is in talks to be the male lead on an upcoming SBS drama, which will be directed by Shin Yoon Sub, the director of “Rooftop Prince.”

The drama, entitled “Girl Who Can See Smell,” has also sent a casting offer to miss A‘s Suzy.

Both actors are currently are going through the script and considering the roles.

The drama is about a man who lost his younger sister three years ago in the “Barcode Murder Case” and a warm-hearted woman who was in the same incident but miraculously survived, gaining nothing but amnesia. The author of the upcoming drama, Lee Hee Myung, is the same writer who wrote the dramas “Rooftop Prince” and “King of Ambition” among other works.

The upcoming SBS drama will premiere in April after the drama “Jekyll, Hyde, Me” concludes.

Source by Soompi

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  1. Congrats yoochun Saranghae good luck More more blessings to come
    God bless

  2. Just what I am waiting for ! A romance story that will move hearts please.

  3. thank you admins for this news article.
    the title of the drama is not very appealing… but I will be very happy to see him again doing another drama…
    Chunsas all over the world miss him so much! Aigoo!
    We want to see you again Mr. Park Yuchun! ❤

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