02January2015 [HQ PICS] Park Yuchun at the 2014 SBS Drama Awards by Blessing Yuchun (Part 3)

20141231-IMG_5099 20141231-IMG_5103 20141231-IMG_5113 20141231-IMG_5116 20141231-IMG_5141 20141231-IMG_5143 20141231-IMG_5148 20141231-IMG_5175 20141231-IMG_5182 20141231-IMG_5184 20141231-IMG_5216 20141231-IMG_5220 20141231-IMG_5237 20141231-IMG_5247 20141231-IMG_5270 20141231-IMG_5307 20141231-IMG_5323 20141231-IMG_5325 20141231-IMG_5329 20141231-IMG_5334 20141231-IMG_5336 20141231-IMG_5339 20141231-IMG_5340 20141231-IMG_5343 20141231-IMG_5345 20141231-IMG_5347 20141231-IMG_5348 20141231-IMG_5349 20150101-IMG_5361 20150101-IMG_5365 20150101-IMG_5366 20150101-IMG_5368 20150101-IMG_5371 20150101-IMG_5379 20150101-IMG_5381 20150101-IMG_5382 20150101-IMG_5390Credit: Blessing Yuchun

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  1. He looked great! Would like to see him happy, receiving acting and popularity awards for all his projects.

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