31December2014 [VIDEOS+TRANS] Park Yuchun’s Acceptance Speech for ’10’s Star Awards + ‘Top Male Excellence Award – Mini Series’ at the 2014 SBS Drama Awards

“10s Star Awards”

“Thank you, because it’s 10’s award, I thought it was an award given to the 10’s generation. Thank you for such an award.
I was worried about finishing recording due to my shoulder injures but managed to finish thanks to everyone’s help.“


Yuchun’s New Year Message


Park Yuchun interviewed by MC Lee Hwi Jae:
(New Years Resolution) “ First, have a happy new year. 2015 is the year of the sheep. My little brother is from the year of the sheep too… (MC pokes him) I hope he will be even more successful. I also hope everyone will be healthier and always happy. “


Top Male Excellence Award – Mini Series

“ Thank you, have a happy new year. Actually, it’s been close to one year since I have met the “3Days” team and by just seeing them once again, it felt great in itself. To all the people who have come here until this late and to all the viewers, I hope you will have a happy new year. I have a lot of people to thank for but I will do it later through text messages or phone calls or around a glass of soju. Thank you!“


Full cut video of Yuchun

(10s Star Awards + New Year message + Top Male Excellence Award – Mini Series)

Credits: DC JYJ Gall via AlwayswYuchun + JJYCJS JYJ + 꽃으로도때리지말라
Translations by: lordbordem via Soompi + @Sheenathe6004(1,2)
Shared by: JYJ3 + ParkYoochunSGFC

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  1. Congratulations to our dear Yuchun! You deserve the awards.

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