22 Dec 2014 How to SIGN UP for SBS Drama Award 2014 [Foreign Member] , voting for Park Yoochun


Yoochun has been nominated in sbs drama award 2014 for his drama 3days

Vote here :
Best Couple Award (16/12/2014 – 30/12/2014)
copy this link below to google

Popularity Award (19/12/2014 – 31/12/2014)
copy this link below to google

How to register:

1. Click or copy this link below to google

2. Click or copy this link below to google

3. Click or copy this link below to google

4. Click submit – the first button
Note: You must fill in all your data in accordance with your ID Card. And you must upload your ID card

5. After that, it will be show up like this

6. After you sign up, SBS will send you e-mail in 24 hours
like this >

Note :
1. the registration is only accepted if you did it during weekdays and before the end of office hours. That’s the only time that it will be accepted. Only 500 registration was processed a day
So for those who still haven’t received their confirmation…please try again
For those who have accounts…please don’t forget to vote daily for Popularity Award. As for Best Couple Award we only have to vote once

2. For now… we can vote for both popularity and couple award.But…we are only allowed to vote one time perID for couple award AND one time perday for popularity award

the voting system can be changed

If you still haven’t received any confirmation…send an e-mail to sbs here:
(Include user id, name and attach id you used to register.)

 Credit: @6002Fitri

Shared by: ParkYoochunSGFC

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