17December2014 [HQ PICS] Park Yuchun at the 35th Blue Dragon Awards Ceremony


1217cy_01 1217cy_02 1217cy_03 1217cy_04 1217cy_05 1217cy_06 1217cy_07 1217cy_08 1217cy_09 1217cy_10 1217cy_11 1217cy_12 1217cy_13 1217cy_14 1217cy_15 1217cy_161217cy_17B5D4J36CcAAc5uF B5D4KEiCEAAYSi9 B5D4KEnCUAEQOv0 B5D4KGiCUAAEpbS B5EFhbVCcAIPrk1 B5EFhpWCcAIUBXI B5EFhq_CEAIV3fW B5EFhq-CIAAvUUU B5EFx_fCYAEct8G B5EFxwHCIAAcv0XB5EFyGaCMAAoB9sB5EZPjmCUAAN_F_.jpg largeB5EbxDtCEAAeSl4.jpg large B5EbXLNCQAEELi4.jpg large B5EcZynCcAA9sEs.jpg large B5EdjVNCcAAVetN.jpg large B5EdzxxCcAAvD6E.jpg largeB5EeGC6CYAAkiRW.jpg large B5EeU5kCUAE3Lej.jpg large B5EaaTqCAAAxstc.jpg large B5EaB16CUAI1tHy.jpg large B5EbANoCEAAuM8v.jpg largeB5EZlWpCAAAdz33.jpg largeB5Ee_DNCMAE1aDc.jpg largeB5EgKCgCIAEdSHB.jpg large

141217-06 141217-01 141217-02 141217-03 141217-04 141217-05xB5Gtii8CAAAyc7t xB5Gtg7ECUAASiy9xB5GtE5ECEAAAQv3xB5GtHBmCMAAGe4F

B5INd-hCIAAH5DO B5INeGxCUAAHQsP B5INg7HCMAASYyM.jpg_large B5INTGwCYAAbYG7 B5INTYFCEAADwOf B5IW2qHCUAEjZI_ B5IW2XWCYAAEtCB B5IWs9VCAAA4g1Z B5IWuPmCEAEmjPJ982464842_5c47b938982464842_f0956e93982464842_3ef12256web_982464842_ff219870web_982464842_32834841Pic credit as tagged

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  1. He looked really dashing and handsome in these pictures. Thank you.

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