10December2014 [NEWS] Yoochun says he’s ‘too honored’ to receive award

1Member of trio band JYJ and actor Yoochun revealed his gratitude for receiving Best New Artist Award at the 4th Beautiful Artist Award ceremony held on Tuesday.

“I am too honored and grateful today to stand here and receive such a big award. I was also happy to know that I am receiving a lot of prize money. I plan to use it with the staff members,” Park said in his acceptance speech.

“After debuting on the big screen, I have been insisting on participating in movies rather than TV drama series. This is giving my agency a hard time on deciding my next work,” he added, revealing his passion for acting in more films.

2The singer-actor was chosen to receive the award for playing the part of Dong-sik in the movie “Sea Fog.” Although it was his first challenge in the film industry, Park has received wide acclaim from viewers, directors and famous senior actors for his natural acting skills.

So far, Park has already won four Best Rookie Actor awards this year, and is aiming to seize another victory at the 35th Blue Dragon Film Awards.

The grand prize for the 4th Beautiful Artist Award went to actor Choi Min-sik, the hero of the hit film “Roaring Currents.”

By Kim Min-jin (minjin103@heraldcorp.com)

Source: Kpopherald

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  1. I can’t express how proud I am of this boy. Looking at him with those great veterans, I can only thank God. Remembering that emotional, innocent boy who had to go through so much uncertainties and difficulties and heart aches and looking at this beautiful man, acknowledged and honored by the big guys, has made my heart full.

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