09December2014 [HQ PICS] Park Yuchun at the 4th SACF Beautiful Artists Awards Ceremony

B4bDLSdCAAIMAye.jpg_large B4bsmckCIAAz6UQ B4bsmz_CcAE1YCLB4a8-DWCYAAlehU B4a8-F2CIAAC_sS B4a890QCYAAX1U9 B4a8982CAAAIOIl6ee85fe6gw1en3v6evzjkj215o1qitp0 6ee85fe6gw1en3v6id72wj215o0sjk04 6ee85fe6gw1en3v6kf7y4j21jk1147hf 6ee85fe6gw1en3v614tclj215o1qv175 6ee85fe6jw1en3v5avsncj21jk111tlq 6ee85fe6jw1en3v5jibd3j21jk127gzc 6ee85fe6jw1en3v5xfleij215o1wdk9b 6ee85fe6jw1en3v9s6jsij215o21t1d0 6ee85fe6jw1en3v9xuwytj21jk111tm7 6ee85fe6jw1en3vb7cw0yj215o1qiqj3 6ee85fe6jw1en3vbcl4oyj21jk10tqez 6ee85fe6jw1en3vbl7v0vj215o1qi7in 6ee85fe6jw1en3vbu3qt0j21jk111an2 6ee85fe6jw1en3vbxi58nj21jk111dqt 6ee85fe6jw1en3vc4k1prj21jk111tl1 6ee85fe6jw1en3vc18j3ij21jk111qfe 6ee85fe6jw1en3vcfshihj21jk1414em 6ee85fe6jw1en3vcm28qoj21jk126qgsPic credit as tagged

Shared by: ParkYoochunSGFC

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  1. thanks so much admins for sharing this HQ pics

    Yuchun’s new look is a killer!
    So nice to see him sporting a new haircut….he is soooooooo damn handsome… ❤
    the pretty boy… ❤ ❤ ❤
    I thought my heartbeat stops when I saw his pictures…. 🙂

    receiving his 4th award for Haemoo makes us Chunsas very very happy…
    so proud of you 6002! 🙂

    진심으로 축하합니다 유천이! 🙂

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