04December2014 [INFO] Park Yoochun will be one of the 2014 CINE ICON highlighted at KT&G SangSangMaDang Actor Exhibition

cine2014 CINE ICON: KT&G SangSangMaDang Actor Exhibition
Film festival that highlights the year’s best films, which includes Korean films as well as foreign films.

Time period: 2014.12.25 ~ 2015.01.03 (10 days)
Location: KT&G SangSangMaDang Cinema
Admission fee: 8,000 won
*Movie showtimes and GV schedule will be published later.

CINE introduced their choice for new stars in 2014, who have captured the audiences with their outstanding onscreen performances.
These new and upcoming stars excelled in their performance and audience should watch out for them in the future.
The list includes young actors ranging from teens to their 20s.

(1) 2014 CINE ICON: Introducing CINE ICON and movies that shined in the film industry in 2014.  […]; introduces a ‘CINE ICON’, a New Star who captivates audiences with brillant performances. 2014’s best movies that look back its iconic actors!


Do Kyung-soo – <Cart>
Park Yoochun – <Sea Fog>
Ahn Jae Hong – <The King of Jokgu>
Esom – <Madam Bbaengduk>
Chun Woo-hee – <Han Gong-ju>
Choi Woo-sik – <Set Me Free>
Komatsu Nana – <The World of Kanako>
Greta Gerwig – <Frances Ha>
Nikaido Fumi -<Why Don’t You Play in Hell?>
Domhnall Gleeson – <Frank>
Antoine Olivier Pilon – <Mommy>
Ella Coltrane – <Boyhood>
Higashide Masahiro – <The Kirishima Thing>

Source: KT&G SangSangMaDang Guide
Additional Info via: One Hallyu + JYJ3
Shared by: JYJ3 + ParkYoochunSGFC

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