24November2014 [HQ PICS] Park Yuchun at the VIP Premiere of “Big Match” by Blessing Yuchun

141124bigvip01 141124bigvip02 141124bigvip03 141124bigvip04 141124bigvip05 141124bigvip06 141124bigvip07 141124bigvip08 141124bigvip09 141124bigvip10 141124bigvip11 141124bigvip12 141124bigvip13 141124bigvip14 141124bigvip15 141124bigvip16 141124bigvip17 141124bigvip20 141124bigvip21141124bigvip18141124bigvip19Credit: Blessing Yuchun
Shared by: ParkYoochunSGFC
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  1. Finally saw a flicker of smile on his face in these pics 😊

  2. thank you Admins for sharing this HQ pics from Blessing Yuchun 🙂

    PYC really looks gorgeous in his attire last night! ❤
    the dark green trench coat exudes Yuchun's charm! ❤
    Smart and effortlessly stylish…. ❤

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