21November2014 [HQ PICS] Park Yuchun at the 51st Daejong Film Festival

aB2-WFhLCMAINzHjaB2-WFSaCUAATqyvDbR26oF   sgb32V6 SUtnZQN 200NFaNB2-ff5jCIAEDUWm B2-ff7ZCAAASIzR B2-fZbsCIAA5ogR B2-fZWBCcAAMuXG B2-fZYXCQAEoNww B2-fZZcCYAAVgLu B2-p__8CEAACVdh B2-qAE3CUAA1EGb B2-qAIpCUAAig_I B2-qAKdCMAA-1hIzB2-nOtbCYAA1Ji4 zB2-nOyICMAAcvmV zB2-nPEMCcAAk-vz zB2-nPEvCYAEeZLR10802020_855280657846191_898599164762895400_n 16412_855280777846179_6099752531924279637_n 1962864_855280824512841_3869099766448116318_n 10304427_855280781179512_4832644577021661562_n10671310_855280757846181_8750986558850985510_nzB2-nhDECMAEs11H.jpg_large10410163_855280647846192_5721996663406068260_n10404404_855280867846170_4748161972998750533_n10603309_855280851179505_1253408661108604299_nPic credit as tagged

Shared by: ParkYoochunSGFC
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  1. thank you Admins for sharing this lovely HQ pics of Yuchun! 🙂

    my favorite among this batch was the one where he is reading his name on the trophy! ❤
    awwwww… It really warms my heart! ❤

    proud Chunsa here 🙂


    two awards down! (for your debut movie Haemoo)
    more Best Rookie Male Actor awards to come! 🙂

    • I can’t get over looking at his pictures.. gosh…. he really looks great..

      And yes… i pray for more awards.. he really deserves it..

      congratulations Mr. Park YuChun.. you never fail to make us happy and proud..

      a proud chunsa over here too..

      with much love..

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