21November2014 [VIDEO] Park Yuchun Wins “Best New Male Actor” Award at the 51st Daejong Film Festival


I really didn’t expect this. […] I sincerely thank, Director Shim Sungbo. […] Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Haemoo is my first movie and I would like to thank the seniors who were in it with me to make it happen. This year is the last year I’m being in my 20s. Though I seem like it, haha. I’m thankful for being able to receive a huge award like this. I will work harder in the future.

[Alternate translations]

I really didn’t know. Thank you so much. I acted in my first film through Haemoo..oh thanks so much Director Shim Sung-bo for directing. I want to thank the sunbaes who filmed with me. This is the last year of my 20s, although I don’t appear like it, haha. I’m thankful for receiving a huge award like this. I will work harder in the future.



Credit: KBSEntertain  + t4rw3n
Translations by: @yochwennie + @ohmyjunsu
Shared by: ParkYoochunSGFC

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  1. Heartiest congratulations to our Yuchunie for winning the Best New Actor Award. I am really happy that he had won as he really deserves it.

  2. So happy to know that Yoochun has won. Well done and you really deserve it.😊

  3. How many idol actors can achieve what he has done – Best Newcomer for drama with 7 various awards for SKKS and Best Newcomer for movie with 2 important awards so far. Who can blame us for feeling so happy and so proud of him.

  4. I’m very happy and proud for his accomplishments.. 2 awards already… gosh…. i pray for more awards in the future..

    he really deserves these awards coz the way he portrays dongshik, he nailed it big time..

    And his reaction when his name was mentioned was priceless.. you can really see that he didn’t expect he’d win..

    congratz Park YuChun.. you really deserve it..

    with much love..

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