21November2014 [PRESS PICS] Park Yuchun at the 51st Daejong Film Festival with His “Best New Actor” Trophy

B2-A1i8CYAAQzk1 B2-A3B_CUAA4cG9 B2-A192CEAAb7-8 B2-A231CUAAEsFS B2-AOCWCAAA3u4z B2-AOggCMAAygyG B2-APcVCcAAw4rd B2-APZFCUAAz8yy
'신인남우상' 박유천, '아직도 얼떨떨해요~' '남우신인상' 박유천, '늠름한 표정으로~' '남우신인상' 박유천, '더 열심히 하는 배우가 될
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  1. Yoochun Cobgratulations Dear .., Saranghae ❤️ 사랑해 ❤️

  2. Oppa Saranghae ❤️ 사랑해 ❤️

  3. You definitely deserve it.

  4. So handsome…

    that award fits you perfectly, Mr. Park…. you deserve high praises from me.. you did work hard and i saw your acting in Haemoo… it was epic… i can never forget dongshik….

    with much love..

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