20 Nov 2014 [News] Why did JYJ perform TVXQ song?

K-pop boy band JYJ, whose members departed TVXQ in 2009, brought some nostalgia to fans by performing a TVXQ song at a concert in Japan.

JYJ members Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu — the three former members of TVXQ — performed “Begin,” from TVXQ’s sixth Japanese EP, at the end of the concert in Tokyo, Japan, Tuesday.

JYJ (C-JeS Entertainment)

The trio revealed why they chose to perform the song at a press conference the next day, ahead of another show.

“’Begin’ tells of how we feel about our fans. We wanted to present our fans with a nostalgic song that can send our message,” Junsu said.

“Begin” was released in Japan when then-quintet TVXQ were at the peak of their popularity.

Junsu (OSEN)

Junsu said that he wanted to sing the song onstage but did not have a chance until recently.

In fact, JYJ regained the right to perform the track only recently, after winning a legal battle with SM Entertainment, the label the members were signed to as part of TVXQ. The boys filed a lawsuit against SM in mid-2009, alleging their 13-year exclusive contract was unreasonably long.

The trio is currently touring Japanese cities for the “2014 JYJ Japan Dome Tour.” They recently wrapped up their second concert in Tokyo on Wednesday, drawing a total of 100,000 fans to the two shows. The boys will perform again in Osaka on Dec. 13 and 14 and Fukuoka on Dec. 23 and 24.

By Ock Hyun-ju (laeticia.ock@heradcorp.com)

Source: KpopHerald

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  1. Wow, the cute kitten Junsu seems to have grown into a cool cat, I loved Junsu in his peformance of Elizabet and his singing of Loving you keeps me alive in Dracula. Basically I see him as a hint of the late MJ’s singing and dancing, a cross of Elton John when singng and playing the piano and also a hint of elobrate dress sense of Lttle Richards ( Long Coats ruffels, frills etc..) jsut love him.

    As for Jaejoong Oh I love his voice, Soft gentle sweet melo with a rock star attitude. I dont understand Korean but I love his music. I just hope / wish he would not go into the range of heavy meatal stuff like KISS. I feel his Asias answer to John Bonjovi. I like his acting too. ( Triangle / Protecting the boss/ witing to watch Jackal)

    Youchun the real mystry voice. I just cant place his style. I watched his peformance of “She” and I liked it. I havent seen much of his performances on u tube except for when he peforms with all his previous bands and JYJ. Mickey should do some solos. I love to hear him perform something from Joe Cocker / Niel Diamond / Tom Jones /Sting

    All in all JYJ is a unique and most tallented outfit. They sing, compose, play Piano, Act etc.. I love the kind of modest approach they seem to have to their hard earned fame. I feel they are real and genuine. I just totally love and appreciate their music. So much so that I jsut might start to learn Korean just to understand the meaning of their songs. I am a total fan. May God Bless them and increase their tallent.

  2. @Niranjala, I totally agree with you that Yu Chun should sing some solos and preferably produce a solo album.

    Everyone who has followed his career knows he is a talented composer and lyricist. Just look at his lyrics on Dad, you there? This guy knows how to express his life experiences into words that touch a chord in our hearts. I teared when I first read the translation of the lyrics.

    He has no idea how sexy and soothing his voice is. Here is a sample of his voice , a Chunsa recently reminded us of.

    Omg his low voice totally killed meeee 😍😍😍

    A post shared by @borntobekissed on

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