20 Nov 2014 [News] JYJ Gifts Fans with Special Serenade of Love for ′JYJ Japan Dome Tour′

JYJ prepared an early Christmas gift for the fans at the 2014 JYJ Japan Dome Tour Ichigo Ichie in Tokyo, which was held on November 19. Kim Jae Joong, Park Yoo Chun and Kim Junsu, who reunited in three years, presented 180 minutes of performances filled with moments like gifts. The three ‘Santas’ gifted 50,000 fans with ‘Ichigo Ichie,’ which translates into ‘the moment that comes only once in a lifetime.’

JYJ Gifts Fans with Special Serenade of Love for ′JYJ Japan Dome Tour′

▶ The fans who waited for the Santas for three years

50,000 fans welcomed JYJ with red lights representing their passionate love for JYJ. The fans were composed of people of all ages and genders. The fans in their teens all the way up to those in their 50s and 60s completely filled the seats.

One audience member, who came with her mother, said, “My mother is an old fan of JYJ,” and complained, “My mother has the better seat. She wouldn’t give that seat up for me.” One male fan who caught JYJ’s attention with his loud cheers proudly said, “There is always the moment where they ask the male fans to shout and I shouted so loudly today that they recognized my face.”

JYJ Gifts Fans with Special Serenade of Love for ′JYJ Japan Dome Tour′

▶ The Santas prepare fancy performances

JYJ heightened the atmosphere from the beginning with its fancy performances. It showed off its unison dance movements during Empty and solo dance performance during BaBo Boy. During Ayyy Girl, the group heated up the concert hall by showing sexy dances with the female dancers.

What made their performance stand out more was the special stage equipment. JYJ prepared a surprise gift in order to meet the fans more closely. When they sang Found, the stage moved closer to the audience. As JYJ got closer to the fans, their cheers became louder to the point where it was ready to spread throughout Tokyo, beyond the roof of the Tokyo Dome.

JYJ Gifts Fans with Special Serenade of Love for ′JYJ Japan Dome Tour′

▶ The Santas’ serenade of love

JYJ presented the single title song Wake me Tonight for the first time during the concert. Although it was their first time hearing the song, the fans all got up from their seats and enjoyed the song.

The concert included not only the new song but also those that JYJ selected in order to express gratitude towards the fans. The members also gave the gift of a love serenade through Junsu’s solo song Sora to kimi no aida ni, Yoochun’s SaiAi and Jae Joong’s Arukitai.

Photo credit: C-JeS Entertainment

Source: Mwave

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  1. I don’t know why but since JYJ was formed in 2010, I have never felt this emotional when watching the videos of their performance at every concert. Yes ,l watched each and every one of JYJ’s public performance, including the live concert in Jamsil Stadium in August 2014. I was eager and happy when I watched them. But in this TD performance, I cry every time I watch. Even when I read the compilation of tweets ,I cry. And my heart broke when I heard Yu Chun sand BEGIN.

    It’s an unexplained reaction.Maybe it’s also relief to see Yu Chun finally crying and no longer the stoic boy who had to grow up suddenly when faced with so much hardship and pain last 4 years. The pain that no other young artist should undergo and suffer even now when there is no justifiable excuse to cut the 3 guys off TV performances.

    Yes , I cry. So did many of you. And you all know why.

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