14November2014 [PIC+INFO] Official Goods of JYJ 2014 Japan Dome Tour “Ichigo Ichie” & Guide on the selling of the concert goods at the Tokyo Dome performances

2014 JYJ Japan Dome Tour 一期一会 東京ドーム公演 グッズに関するご案内 Ichigo Ichie Tokyo Dome concert goods

Guide on the selling of the concert goods at the Tokyo Dome performances (Nov 18-19). The following will only be sold during the performance dates. There are currently no plans of online sales.

Please refer to the photo:


1-2 Light stick (two types) + standing card (one)
3. Muffler towel
4-6 Big size fan (4-Jejung, 5-Yuchun, 6-Junsu)
7. Bath towel
8. Black T-shirt
9-10. Shoulder bag (9-red, 10-gray)
11. Mini cross body bag
12. Notes set
13. Clear file set
14-16. Blanket (14-Jejung, 15-Yuchun, 16-Junsu)
17. Big size blanket
18. Key holder (Tokyo)

You may check the prices on site.
Please note that the color/design in the photos may be different from the actual goods.

Sale Schedule:
November 18 (Tuesday) 9 AM JST
November 19 (Wednesday) 9 AM JST
Note: Start of the Sales time might change depending on the circumstances during that day.

Sale Planned Location:
Tokyo Dome: Special Tent before Gate 22
Tokyo Dome: Special Tent before Gate 25
Tokyo Dome stadium (inside the venue)

1. There might be a change in the planned concert goods.
2. There might be restrictions on the quantity when you purchase a product.
3. Because there is only a limited quantity for each product, sale will be discontinued once it’s sold out.
4. It is possible to bring official pen lights from the past, though we recommend the use of the official light sticks of these performances as much as possible. Same applies to towels.
5. No return, no exchange. Please check your goods, change money immediately after buying the product.
6. We might not be able to respond to inquiries after you leave the sales area.
7. Credit cards can’t be used. Only cash.


[INFO] Giving of flower wreaths/bouquets to the members

We have gotten a lot of inquiries about giving flower wreaths to the members. As a courtesy to make the fans happy, we have consulted the venues. In order to avoid accidents and confusion, flower wreaths and bouquets can’t be accepted in all of the venues (Tokyo, Osaka, Fukuoka).

The members are aware and will respond to your feelings by giving you the best stage. Thank you for your understanding.

Source: jyjjapan.jp
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