14 Nov 2014 [OTHER TWITTER] Film Critic Shim Young-seop tweets about meeting Yoochun at the 34th Korean Association of Film Critics Awards


[TRANS] Met Yoochun.



[TRANS] Seeing this guy in person, who had the role of a crewman clothed in working clothes [i.e. coveralls], almost seems like a sin. A soft and smooth man like freshly dried laundry.


[TRANS] When I had mentioned Best New Male Actor to try to livening [things] up, I did an acceptance speech as a joke and it felt like I was welcoming everyone with what I said.


[TRANS] I met Yoochun. As it is my own job, thank you fans for your congratulations. I had said, ‘Please don’t forget that a lot of people are supportive of Yoochun’ while requesting a sign by Yoochun. I wanted to offer and convey everybody’s feelings. I hope our next meeting is a premiere, I said I am available.

[TRANS] An offered gift to fans. He gave me his sign on ‘In their Room’ photo album. The writing inside of his sign. I believe that what Yoochun said is offered towards fans, not only to me.

Sources: @chinablue9
Translated & Shared by: JYJ3 + ParkYoochunSGFC

Note: Shim Young-seop is a renowned film critic in South Korea.
She previously described on her Twitter profile that she is ‘a Yoochun fanatic’ ^^

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  1. YuChun charmed her to her core.. well… i can’t blame her coz we’re all charmed as well.. hahaha..

    Smitten by his charisma, by being just his plain old self.. she can see what we see in YuChun, she has great taste too.. ^^,

    With much love..

  2. @Abbie, in your next life , don’t do science. Try and be born a Korean film critic and make sure Yu Chun is reborn an entertainer again !

    • Yes YC Love.. i’d love to be a film critic and see YuChun be a great entertainer/artist.. or i can be his PA so i’ll be with him almost 24/7.. hahaha.. and always receive his warmest most beautiful smile.. gosh.. just thinking about it makes me giggle.. (i hope i’d not faint during those times.. hahaha..)

      with much love..

  3. Aren’t we all charmed by him too?

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