13November2014 [PRESS PIC] Park Yuchun receiving Best New Male Actor award at 34th Korean Film Critics Association Awards

13798697 20141113_1415873524_17839400_1 1415875593_798692 1415876125_798704 1415876198_798707 1415876455_798714 1113486194015_0 1113486194015_2 1415873061385 1415873092019_1_191429 1415874493735_1_193008 1415874668102 1415875284125 20141113003876_0 20141113193852_54648a3c975bc_1 20141113194037_54648aa52d4b1_1 20141113194248_54648b2802ec3_1 201411131840779150_54648167671fa 201411131901778372_54648192dbbeb 201411131917777569_5464859bc4049 201411131919770274_54648608e5872 201411131920771688_546486451492e 201411131926570510_1 201411131931771854_546489c8b0da7 201411132013251810_1 201411132015021810_1 2014111319140251139_1 2014111320085672411_1 ¹ÚÀ¯Ãµ '¿À´ÃÀº ¹è¿ì·Î¼­' htm_20141113195011c020c021 htm_20141113195158c020c021 htm_20141113195321c020c021 image_readtop_2014_1422416_14158739361627180 image_readtop_2014_1422423_14158740061627182 image_readtop_2014_1422436_14158741031627189Credits: As per tagged

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  1. One down. And two more to go on APAN and Golden Bell awards.

    • YC Love.. i hope he’ll win both awards..

      and he’s looking good in here.. my boss even caught me giggling looking at his photos when i should be busy.. sigh.. but i can’t help myself checking on him every now and then when it’s been a while since we’ve seen him..

      with much love..

  2. @Abbie , you can lose your mind over him. But please don’t lose your job. 🙂

    • YC Love.. I learned my lesson.. hahaha.. now i’ll make sure that my boss will not catch me doing it again.. i’ll be more careful next time and make sure he’ll not see me.. hahaha..

      with much love..

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