03November2014 [OTHER TWITTER] Film critic Shim Young-seop reports about Yoochun winning Best Rookie Actor of the 34th Korean Association of Film Critics Awards

Note: Shim Young-seop is a renowned film critic in South Korea.
She previously described on her Twitter profile that she is ‘a Yoochun fanatic’ ^^



Yoochun. Congratulations on being awarded Korean Association of Film Critics’ Rookie Actor Award.




I was there, [Yoochun] overtook the two rookie actors of ‘The King of Jokgu’ and ‘The Attorney’ with an overwhelming margin. It usually goes up to the finals, 2nd round; but the 1st round voting had ended it.

Source: @chinablue9
Translated by: rilanna of JYJ3
Shared by: JYJ3 + ParkYoochunSGFC

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  1. Just like boxing eh! He knocks ’em out on the first round aigoo! Congratulations Park Yuchun. Noona is so proud of you sweetie, you totally make my heart swell.

  2. So proud of my baby.

  3. OMO where r u , Chunnie ?

    We r all so excited over this news .. There must be millions of tweets , reblogging , FB likes by now and still no news from u ?!?!

  4. I’m very proud of you..

    please show yourself already coz we miss you so much..

    with much love..

  5. Ya, we want to see you. Please don’t make it 14 years of missing you. Or worse, 300 years.

  6. @Abbie and @Chunworm, I hope this award will serve to increase the viewership in Philippines cinemas.

    • We hope so too..

      we’ll keep praying that many will watch the movie..

      with much love..

    • @6002mydream:

      You know what, I know of one girl who’s planning to travel a total of 14 hours (going to and from the movie theater) just to see this 111-minute film of Yuchun. Now how’s that for a supportive Chunsa eh? 😀

      Me, I’m just going to cross the Sky(way) and I’d be with Dong-shik 😉 We are so in a tizzy already haha!

  7. @Abbie and @Chunworm, great !! I am actually quite excited that Haemoo is showing in Philippines.
    I salute the chunsa who is travelling 14 hours just to watch the movie.It’s like taking the plane.

    Chunworm, you can have the luxury of catching Dong Shik in the act ( no, no, I don’t mean the bed scene) many times. I mean “act” as in acting. 🙂

  8. @Chunworm, Aigoo ! Does your mum know you’re making such comments? Ha ha !

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