27October2014 [FAN] From personality to ability – A talk about Park YuChun (Part 1)

In my eyes, YuChun is a very refined artist and he is the kind of artist who you will never get boring with even after a long period. His attractive charms is not only shown through his forever changing abilities, but also through his interesting experiences in performing. Regarding his personality and comments about his works, there are plentiful of personal traits that can be dug out from the past. As for the future, there are limitless of potentials that are worth waiting for.

As a imo fan, I have never chased after a celebrity before. It was an accident falling for YuChun. It was also a destined relationship. In merely two years, I have become an all rounder from a Garang fan since the beginning. YuChun’s personality and charms attracted me day by day. YuChun’s potentials and efforts to show off his various strengths made me feel happy and proud.

b313ad014c086e060f80f7d500087bf40bd1cb8aLet’s start our talk from a photo released from one of his dramas, <Three Days>.

A director said before that YuChun possesses a face that can sustain a lot of things. Just from this photo, indeed I was able to obtain some details just by reading his face and I am convince that my statement is true enough.

The face in this photo is a face with great visual sense that at one glance will forever rooted in your mind. When I first look at this face, my first impressions were: a handsome face with refined personalities, stern gazes, wise looking forehead, matured and steady hairline, having protective charisma towards his surroundings… That’s right, this is Han Tae Kyung.

This is a face that makes people staring nonstop and not able to look away from it. It seems as though this face comes alive through our stares. Besides handsome, refined, stern and wise looking, I could see the gloominess in between his eyebrows, the blankness and tiredness from his stern gazes, the innocence from his chubby cheeks. The character was spreading out unexplainable loneliness. It was as if I saw Park YuChun in him.   f670ab51f3deb48f0eb59441f21f3a292ff578deNo. Actually this is still Han Tae Kyung. Let’s look at the characteristics set up for Tae Kyung. He possesses sharp and accurate instincts, stubborn personality who will pursue the truth regardless of everything. Aren’t these the innocence and stubbornness of a child? Isn’t this the exhaustion shown when he was being misunderstood or suspected others? Isn’t this the loneliness felt when everyone but he alone pursuing for the truth? I am not sure whether this is just mere coincidence that the personality interpretation of the character and the actor himself is totally in sync but YuChun totally blew off my mind with his performance. Actually this cannot be considered as a performance as it is just only a photo from the drama set.

(These comments were made before the broadcast of drama <Three Days>. Although it may deviate a bit from the drama, the author chose to remain them in her article.)

A lot of non-fans said that this is a face of a real actor. I do not know how should the face of a real actor should look like.

fc89958fa0ec08fa4e4427385bee3d6d54fbda76All I know is YuChun brought all his characters in dramas to life with his obvious Park style. Sometimes I could not differentiate whether it was the character or the actor himself who gave me certain impressions. I think this is the relationship between reality and his style.

The talk about the similarities between the actor and his drama characters made me recalled that YuChun once said in his Japanese fanmeeting that one of his weakness is to complete something till the very end once he has decided. Honestly, can this be considered as a weakness? This made me thought of the decision of acting as Garang.

I am guessing that YuChun could relate closely to Garang’s mental world. At least the matter on the personality to complete something till the very end once he has decided, Garang and YuChun definitely has the similarity. By assuming like this, we can understand the reason YuChun wanted to act as Garang in the first place. Furthermore, he was able to capture the essence of Garang so well on his debut performance.

9c80344e251f95caad508b29cb177f3e66095215Regarding acting, he has his goals and plans but he is not in a hurry in pursuing success. Instead, he just try to adapt himself in any kind of environment and just go with the flow. Not only once he mentioned that he hoped to act on big screen after he is thirty. My understanding is not that he is not confident in his own acting but he sees deeply and thoroughly on the arts of performance. To conquer a character, you do not depend merely on one’s acting skills.This requires something besides acting skills or qualities more important than acting skills, such as experiences in life, accumulated wisdom as one grow, determination in self-discipline, self-restraint mentally and physically etc. All these cannot be obtained in one day. There are some things that you will not be able to understand until you reach a certain age. Just like what he said before, he hoped that he could act in a pure romantic drama in his twenties. He especially knows what to do at each stage of his life and he has the confidence to satisfy himself as well as the audience.


Recently I saw an interview with a performing teacher from movie faculty. She said that from some perspective performing can be considered as an art that is regrettable. While most of the young actors have the outer appearance that suited their characters at that age, their acting ability is still not up to that level to properly mold their characters. However, when their ability has reached that certain level, their outer appearance might have slipped past the chance to act out young characters. Thus, those actors who matured earlier than other actors his age are very precious.

YuChun is this kind of actor. Not only he possess maturity that is beyond his age, he has that in-born talent and he is very hardworking. He has high hopes but he is moving step by step solidly. Just like what So Yeon’s mother from drama <Missing You> said, he always did things diligently and excellently so all she could only gave him was praises. Just like every step he progressed, his decision was always above the expectation of fans. Maybe his abilities are also above his own expectation thus we are lucky to be welcoming <Sea Fog> sooner than expected. YuChun is that kind of person who makes his fans feel at ease and proud of him. His decisions have always surprised for everyone.02aeaf18972bd407911acb6279899e510db309ddI was caught off guard by his statement, “he will do anything once he has decided to do it”. I have never expected to see this special personality in YuChun in the past. However, if we looked back at his past incidents and think about this statement, we would know that it was actually within our expectation. It was as tough some of the misunderstandings from the past had already been answered.

From the start of his life as an artist, is there anything he was not able to achieve? At least from what I remember, there are too many things he wanted to do and was actually successful at doing! His music dream brought him to the top of Hallyu and his actor dream is currently getting more and more successful. He envied people and wanted to get a red Ferrari, he wanted to buy a big house and stay together with his family, he said that he wanted to open an ice-cream shop for his mum, he wanted to have yacht… … He did everything he mentioned.

To be continued…41672a738bd4b31c55cf912485d6277f9c2ff8cc

Written by 北平的天 @MickyBaidu

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English translated & Shared by ParkYoochunSGFC

Note: Our translations are best-effort and based from original Chinese writings.  If any mistakes are found, it is unintentional.  Thank you for your understanding.

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  1. He worked hard to get what he wanted.

  2. It was an accident for me too, to know Park Yoochun , to look for Park Yoochun, to care for Park Yoochun.

    Since then , there was no turning back for me.

    I have been reading through the article again and again and realized that a decision I made then was not a Fan-tasy afterall.

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  4. ” a decision I made then was not a Fan-tasy afterall.”

    @JYJHeArts, I share your sentiments that finding and loving Yu Chun is no fantasy but is as real as can be. The only problem is there is only one Yu Chun on this earth.

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